We have one more announcing retirement and 41 years spent at CMS is a long time.  What we are finding out now though is that folks who kind of grew up with jobs as such are ending up behind the “complex 8 ball” with the fact that there’s no “data mechanics logic” to draw upon for decision making. image This does not mean they are bad people at all and it’s just the fact that technology has risen like the Phoenix bird and the demands are way beyond what traditional perceptions and thinking can handle, i.e. the “Sebelius Syndrome” as she’s right in there too at the top of all of it. 

Back in 2009 I said Health IT would eat her up and to please consider someone with “some” data mechanics in their background to run the agency…and well…we got what we got.  As you can read at the link below the CIO left a short while back so perhaps we might see more without the data mechanics logic consider the same as the pressure has to be phenomenal in not knowing what kind of logic to use for decision making and the release of Healthcare.Gov without calling it a beta to me made no sense.  People would have a lot more sympathy for honesty and a bigger focus on the manual side of signing up with realizing the site was in fact a “beta” which means improvements are coming all the time.  We did not see that.

CMS CIO Leaves to Take a Job in the Private Sector–Gets Out of the Healthcare.Gov Frying Pan–Not Uncommon Today As Government and Consumers Still Think Magicians With Magic Wands Can Fix Things Quickly In a Very Complex World of IT Infrastructures…NOT

When you read the article, Sebelius states she’s responsible and she is, no data mechanic logic there and she need no help from Issa as she does herself in, been in the press many times with everything from publicly taking on Dr. Hamburg at the FDA to getting DOJ Holder to write a letter telling doctor and hospital associations that they were all basically liars with medical billing.  She has no “logic” and it shows as well as an underlying current of not liking technology much with wanting to “hurry up Health IT”…what’s up with that?  I can’t for the life of me figure out what her own self perception is with all of this, again the logic is missing.   Where’s the OIG going to get the expert  Linux, Red Hat and other tech folks to audit all of this? 

“The short order computer code kitchen burned down a few years ago and there was no fire sale”…the Medical Quack. 

She’s not alone as we have Congress with same issues and so very frustrating, when in fact we live in the most complex times ever and they won’t educate themselves or seem to make any public effort to do so.  So as I wrote a while back both government and consumers are getting a real cold hard lesson about the complexities, flaws, and the  horrific data selling epidemic that exists out there today as well.  BD 

US Consumers and Government Are Learning a Cold Hard Reality Lesson About IT Infrastructure Complexities With Models and Algorithms Thanks to Health Insurance Exchanges

WASHINGTON — The No. 2 official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who supervised the troubled rollout of President Obama’s health care law, is retiring, administration officials said Monday.

The official, Michelle Snyder, is the agency’s chief operating officer, in charge of day-to-day activities and the allocation of resources, including budget and personnel.

Technology experts who built the website for the federal insurance exchange, HealthCare.gov, reported to her.

Ms. Snyder is the second administration official to depart since problems with the website frustrated millions of people trying to buy insurance and caused acute political embarrassment to Mr. Obama.

A former agency official who had predicted Ms. Snyder’s departure said Monday: “She had to go. She was responsible for the implementation of Obamacare. She controlled all the resources to get it done. She was in charge of information technology. She controlled personnel and budget.”

At a congressional hearing on Oct. 30, Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, was asked who was responsible for developing the federal website, and she named Ms. Snyder.



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