It still amazes me on how patient data is still carried around on flash drives instead of being stored andimage accessed on secure servers with a VPN.  The article states there appears to be no foul play but rather that the drive just disappeared and all patients have been notified. 

The drive was located in the nuclear medicine area, i.e. MRI and CT scan department of the facility.  It went missing in September.  BD 

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- A computer flash drive containing the medical records of 49,000 Kaiser Permanente patients has gone missing from a facility in Anaheim, officials said Tuesday.

The drive containing patient names, birth dates and medication information was last seen in a secure area of the nuclear medicine department at the Anaheim location in September. The drive may have simply been misplaced, officials said.

The health care provider says no social security numbers were stored on the drive, and criminal activity is not believed to be involved.


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