This is a big expenditure and if you look at the Responsys website they imagehave some pretty big name clients onboard so in addition to marketing this might be a good move to ensure and drive more client connections with additional offerings.  Complexities in marketing are growing too <grin>. The  Eloqua platform has a ton of apps already available.   On another note you may have also read where the Oracle Foundation is longer giving new grants out to further research relative to stopping the aging process, I guess Mr. Ellison as much as he has joked about it as well with interviews may have come to the conclusion that it’s going to happen one way or another and is letting Google do their thing with investing…so maybe he knows something we don’t:)

Again here the focus is on adding social data to evaluate and use and coordinate with CRM software, which Oracle has Siebel for.  Here’s a video that explains what Responsys is all about.  I can say at this point after watching the video, thank goodness I am not on Facebook, just my own personal preference though as it can eat up my whole day with nonsense.  Anyway, interesting to see this acquisition and be aware more folks to buy and sell your data.  BD 

Software giant Oracle said Friday it will buy Responsys, a marketing software maker, for $27 a share, or $1.5 billion.

It's a 38 percent premium of the company's stock price as of Thursday'simage market close at $19.52.

The San Bruno, California-based company makes software that helps marketing professionals run email, social, and mobile campaigns. According to Oracle, Responsys' board unanimously approved the deal.

Responsys will join Oracle Eloqua. After the close of the transaction, Oracle said it plans to "aggressively invest" in the Oracle Marketing Cloud.


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