In this interview article McKesson discusses visualization and showing the physicians the information they that need to know at the point of decision making at the point of care.  The EHR will have to support genetic knowledge.  They are working with Proventys to create an integrated product, much of what is already being discussed in many circles, bringing personalized medicine in to the chart.

Pharmacogenomic calculators and alerts will be part of the make up to calculate risk for the decision making process.  Oncology of course is the factor that comes to mind first, but other areas of incorporation will include cardiovascular disease, psychiatry, neurology, and even general internal medicine. image

“Proventys, Inc. is a personalized medicine knowledge service provider focused on delivering cutting-edge risk prediction technology to power personalized clinical decisions at the point of care.”

It is an extremely complicated matter and all begins in the labs.  BD

October 7, 2008 | McKesson is jockeying for a prominent position in the rapidly evolving personalized medicine race, developing capabilities for next-generation electronic health records (EHRs), says Andrew Mellin, vice president for Predictive Care Solutions. The San Francisco-based health care giant formed this new group last year within the Life Sciences division, focusing in particular on tweaking its Horizon Clinicals products—decision support and physician order entry—to support advancements in genomics, genetic testing, and bioinformatics as they emerge. “We view ourselves as a catalyst of personalized medicine,” says Mellin, who spoke to Digital HealthCare & Productivity about the company’s recent partnership with Proventys, and its strategies for personalized medicine.

We’re working very closely with Proventys to develop a series of predictive modules that will be incorporated into our clinical IT solutions. These include pharmacogenomic calculators and alerts that can help optimize and tailor a patient’s therapies. We’ll most likely start in the hospital setting with our physician order entry system, called Horizon Expert Orders, which today has already fairly sophisticated decision support tools that guide physicians toward complex decisions.

We also will be enabling our core electronic health record to manage the genetic information that’s captured and maintained on a patient. It’s a tremendous amount of data that we need to be able to store and manipulate, visualize, and use for decision support in the electronic health record, so we are also exploring how to do that.


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