Is this not great, pregnancy or prior C-section is pre-existing?  We also know the insurance companies scour the data trails of the medications we use as well to make a decision. 

All companies share insurance information and here’s a link to a story done a short while back about the MIB, the medical insurance bureau and this video from the story tells more.  Shoot even Allstate car insurance has a pilot program where they test your mental ability to drive and may offer discounts based on your performance. 

Sad to say but we are for sale too. 

 Use of the MIB by carriers has increased by 14% this year. It seems the the categories we need to meet to qualify for insurance seem to be growing all the time and the more pre-requisites, the odds go down on whether or not one will qualify by the time the complicated algorithm is run to project if we are a good or bad risk.   BD

Competition and freedom of choice would be tonics for the health system, the thinking goes. But there may be a problem. Findings from a survey of individual insurance shoppers show that 15% of people looking for insurance online were deemed “uninsurable” for standard coverage by most insurance carriers.

The people deemed uninsurable either had a pre-existing medical condition or provided height and weight information that produced a body mass index of 39 or higher, indicating serious obesity.  Pregnancy or a prior c-section often put women on the pre-existing condition blacklist, according to a report last month from the National Women’s Law Center.


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