Just yesterday I posted about the news with Microsoft Amalga and Philips Speech Recognition. 

If you are regular reader of the blog here you will find posts relative to Nuance, Dragon Naturally Speaking and Speech Recognition all over the place, as everyone knows I like and use it myself, sure beat typing everything. 

Of course I have speech recognition on my Tablet PC too.  I did a real off the wall demo this years at HIMMS under the absolute worst conditions too and it was still picking up my words.  The post yesterday entailed how Radiology and PACS systems were going to benefit from speech recognition.  I like being able to dictate with no headset required with the dual array microphones on the tablet too if I am in a fairly quiet locations. 

Kaiser Permanente has also worked with Nuance and you can read more here.  

Nuance was already in the Business Intelligence business too with Rad Cube, so this looks to be a perfect partnership here with combining some power software resources to make life easier for all.  Healthcare cannot live without Business Intelligence today and more hospitals are finding that out, although a few years ago I felt like the lone foot solider when presenting the software but now more are definitely in the know. 

The US Military medical records system also uses Dragon quite extensively and I spoke with them earlier this year about how it works for them. 

There is also the eScription division of Nuance.  We all know E-Prescribing will benefit 2% more after the first of the year with Medicare reimbursement too. 

Voicemail to Text from Nuance here. 

And there is Vocada Veriphy-Ready HL7 Integration Server (VIS), for the lab systems.image

“Dictation services for Radiology with the integration of the two services.  More about the hospital integration services can be found here.  Recently I have posted about Philips and their investments with the manufacturing of MRI machines in China as well, so they have a pretty large portfolio of products in place or on the rise so the completion of the software end of the project with adding speech recognition to the PACS imaging portion of the business makes sense.

In short, it looks like when you need speech recognition, Nuance will have you covered from the office to the lab to imaging.  BD 

US company Nuance Communications, Inc. has acquired Philips Speech Recognition Systems (PSRS), a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics. The deal, worth €66 million (approx £52.3m), provides Nuance with an immediate leadership position for healthcare speech-recognition solutions in Europe, with more than 8,000 installations, 100 OEM and channel partners and support for 25 languages. It also provides Nuance with a team of experienced sales, marketing, development and support personnel throughout Europe. 

Nuance will add Philips' SpeechMagic to its existing portfolio of OEM solutions, which include Dragon Medical SDK and PowerScribe SDK. Nuance says it plans to continue to fully support all PSRS customers and partners worldwide moving forward.

bjhc&im news - Nuance takes over Philips Speech Recognition Systems


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