This may be a result of the questions posed last week by Senator Grassley.  It is getting even more complicated as insurance companies work on new algorithms to create new insurance plans and add them to the large pool of plans offered and it does not appear to be getting any easier to be able to feel like one has made a sound decision any more, as you don’t know what you really have in coverage until the waters are tested today.  

Software programs allow for the creation of new innovative plans and the business intelligence to project how they will do potentially on the market, and we live in a world of software created solutions today that sometimes boggle our minds when it comes to the decision making processes, so what do we rely on to help us make decisions, more algorithms or formulas on the internet to take all the solutions offered and put them into a somewhat user friendly format to go though and filter all the formulas offered. 

Thus, as the formulas calculated by the insurers grow, so do the algorithms needed to figure them out, in other words it’s one more software application to help us try to figure out which plan will work, so it’s almost a matter of keeping up with the Jones’s, as new plans are offered, the software for figuring out which plan would meet our needs gets more complicated, and both are under constant change, so no wonder we have a difficult time making decisions and questions arise.  There are also many sites that offer solutions on how to interpret potential insurance solutions as well, and so we end up with a very complicated, overdone system of information that overloads what the human mind is normally prepared to use to evaluate and come out with a decision that one can feel is a sound decision in essence. 

Perhaps somewhat similar to what happened on Wall Street to a degree?  When you stop and think about it, it is the same as far as financial calculations go and will keep running until at some point in time the bottom may fall out when the terms and capital needed no longer can keep up with the bottom line, money.  It certainly looks like there could be some real similarities here in the 2 scenarios and time may be what tells the real story as things progress.  Software solutions run just about everything we do today from being in our cars to the type of insurance plans offered and there should be a balance to where budgets reach a bottom line to where risk management realizes there is a certain amount of revenue needed to cover costs, before the bottom does fall out when cost cutting and plans go below the basic determined amounts of revenues needed to cover, so until such a time to when our business intelligence tells us where the bottom line is and we adhere, the race just keeps on going adding more complications to an already information burdened society to where nobody has the potential to make what one may feel as a sound decision, because what is true today may not be applicable tomorrow as a new and improved formula or algorithm has been concocted and added to the process, thus the current series of events continue to spiral until a day of reckoning appears on the horizon.  BD 









AARP, the advocacy group for older Americans, said Friday it would voluntarily suspend sales of a type of health insurance plan critics say leaves policyholders vulnerable to tens of thousands of dollars in costs. Suspension of sales will occur "as soon as possible" and last until AARP completes an independent review of the plans their marketing efforts, the group said. 

AARP suspends sales of some health plans -

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