We all long for the day that all practices and hospitals can transmit medical records and talk to each other, but as we all know it is not there yet and will continue to evolve, and add on today’s economic crisis, something that is already slowing down the wheels of progress here.

But, the PHR is here and ready to use, get credible information to hospitals and physicians though the PHR, as most are now being populated with credible data from vendors, hospitals, drug stores, Minute Clinics, you name it.

Read up and sign up for an account and see the power of how information could potential save your life by having it available when seeing a physician out of town, out of network, or in an emergency. PHRs are using Web 2.0 technology, something that was not around when EHRs and EMRs were being created years ago. If EMRs and EHRs were being created from scratch today, you would probably see a much different picture out there, but we need to make use of the technology we do have today and the PHR is a good way to get credible records on file to share and use you you choose.

Again, it is an education process and even medical offices and their staff have no idea what a PHR is or how it can benefit them in the information department as well as getting consumers educated too.

So in short, use a PHR, because it is there and won’t cost you any money, and the bigger hospital networks and practices will follow with their end of the medical record in time. The PHR you put off today, stands to only increase your chances of medical errors, as without credible documented information, it’s a bit like shooting from the hip if you are going from memory and forget a condition, treatment or medication. BD

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