This is very cool and with development, it could also have some real applications in healthcare too, taking a snapshot of let’s say a tumor or something else related to patient images, if the x-ray or other image needed to be viewed at another location for a simple example or the image was needed to make notations. 

This is wild how this functions to zero in and see the image in XRay form.  Don’t forget too there’s an even larger Surface in development that will be for healthcare too.  BD 

The basic premise is that the iPhone allows the user to see through the image on Microsoft Surface's screen into additional imagery or data - or allow the user to capture an image and take it with them. Not to be left out, this is also working on phones running Windows Mobile and Android. Hats off to Josh, Darrin and the rest of the crew at Simulant for always thinking outside the box.. literally.

Stimulant: XRay from Stimulant on Vimeo.

Microsoft Surface Blog : Stimulant labs mashup with XRay of an iPhone with Microsoft Surface

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