I don’t like writing this and someone needs to get off their lazy butts and fix this.  A year is not adequate time to put this in place?  Come on, this is just a flat out “I don’t care” and pass the buck routine.  I posted this announcement back on September 8th as it was released too.  Did that spur any actions, apparently not as well as the other related press releases and other sources publicizing as well as me.  WTF!  Read below where they say it’s going to take them until after the first of the year!  This must be a big time paper office, unlike many doctors today who are paperless. 

Volunteer, Sponsors And Supplies Needed for The Largest Ever “Free Clinic” At the Los Angeles Sports Arena October 20-23, 2011

Let me guess some digital illiterate along the line didn’t know how to use the software to make this happen, either that or too many got laid off and nobody was watching the shop.  This really sucks and is a disgrace, especially when you have volunteers “wanting” to come in and donate their time!!  I’m guessing more digital illiteracy was in the hand here, as it’s all over with “non participants”.  image

Hell even Dr. Oz can’t see patients, now how embarrassing is that!!

This is amazing as patients walk into doctor’s offices today and the eligibility information is all right there on the computer with their information and to believe that credentialing doctors, especially ones that have volunteered in other states can’t be done?  What are we talking here maybe a hundred?  This is absolutely pathetic as many who were counting on free care won’t get it. 

Once upon a time I was invited to participate in a conference call with Dr. Oz and you can read about it below and he talks just he does on TV, same enthusiasm and commitment to health and better lifestyles. 

Dr. Oz Talks About Attacking the Battle of the Bulge With the 11 Week Weight Challenge

Those regulatory agencies better get up to par.  You know the SEC doesn’t even have audit tables for financial transactions, that’s how bad the governments, federal and state need IT infrastructure upgrades.

Well I hope by posting this someone gets off their ass and gets this done and working so those who need the services of the free clinic get it!! 

This fail is not OK!!  BD

After more than 6,600 people overwhelmed volunteers at a free mobile health clinic in Los Angeles last year, California legislators passed a law making it easier for out-of-state medical personnel to assist with future events.
But just over a week before the massive clinic returns, the state has failed to adopt regulations needed for the additional volunteers to participate. As a result, only medical personnel licensed in California will be able to treat patients and some people could be turned away. It also means Mehmet Oz of "The Dr. Oz Show" won't be able to see patients at the clinic as planned, though he can serve as a consultant.

The clinic, which begins Oct. 20 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, will offer free healthcare services such as mammograms and eye exams to about 5,000 patients over four days. Run by the local nonprofit group CareNow, the event will be staffed by 700 to 850 doctors, dentists, optometrists, gynecologists, cardiologists and other volunteers. The clinic will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Organizers also expressed frustration at the delay on the regulations. Volunteers, including internal and family medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and podiatrists, are still needed, they say. Others are being asked to donate time to register patients and guide them through the clinic.
But the greatest need, Manelli said, is for dentists. "There is a huge pent-up demand for dental," he said. Although many patients may be unaware of their medical problems, he said, "If you have a toothache you know it."
The Medical Board of California began developing regulations as soon as the law took effect in January, but it is not expected to be finished until after the New Year, said legislative chief Jennifer Simoes. "Everyone just assumes when a law is passed that it is effective, but there are steps in the process we had to take before it could be implemented," she said.



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