Remember Zocor?  That is the other part of the combo pill which was a former block buster drug for Merck so I guess this is good for all, bring Zocor back and combine it imagewith the diabetes pill as a consumer one less pill if you are taking many is a big thing by all means.  Zocor lost sales when it became available as a generic. 

This is also one more way to get more people on statins which is always a hot topic with some thinking everyone should be statins for preventing heart attacks, but they do have side effects like making muscles ache and people take COQ10, a natural enzyme to help in that area.  As a matter of fact many doctors even recommend it to patients on statins.  The effort here is to address those imagepatients who have both diabetes and high cholesterol.  High cholesterol too is sometimes an inherited issue too as some folks do everything right and it still runs high.  There will be 6 dosage levels for the combined medication. 

Januvia is the other part of the pill and is considered a new class of diabetes drug with DPP-4 inhibitors that has the body produce more insulin after meals which in turn lowers blood sugar.  BD 

TRENTON, N.J.—The first combination pill for the millions of people with the dangerous combination of diabetes and high cholesterol won U.S. approval Friday, offering convenience -- and savings -- to patients taking multiple pills.

Juvisync, a probable blockbuster developed by Merck & Co. Inc., will be launched in a few weeks. It combines Merck's Type 2 diabetes pill Januvia with Zocor, a former Merck blockbuster in the widely used class of cholesterol drugs called statins.

The combination pill will sell for the same price as Januvia alone, about $215 per month. Generic versions of Zocor cost roughly $30 a month.


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