I don’t care whether you are Catholic or not, I’m not but this is a good statement and coming with recognition from the Vatican, it’s time to take note.  I have been writing about the bad of use of code and flawed data and poignant algorithms and its living imageamong us.  The is the sheer frustration of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  How do you do battle with an element you can’t see, you can’t touch and you can’t talk to it.  They are doing what they can as humans and we all live with the unethical use of math today and financial formulas, so in essence they represent all of use.

  Here’s a guy the SEC caught with using flawed software with his clients for 3 years knowing it was flawed.  How do you think his clients felt?  I mention this as these are the folks playing the game here and there’s nobody safe.  I have a ton more related links there too for additional reading if you are interested to see how insurers and others use their algos. 

SEC Sues Quant–Undisclosed Error in Trading Algorithm- Miscalculating “Risk”-Healthcare Software Evaluates This Factor Too

I’m going to recap 3 of my most popular posts in the last couple weeks here and they all have to do with this topic.  We get it in healthcare too.  Just this morning I read about a hero in the Joplin tornado, not getting any benefits even though he saved a number of people “Algorithm said No”.  This is flat out what it is and this is why the statement from the Vatican stands out today.  Never mind that he saved the lives of others (and we don’t know if they had insurance or not, only the algorithms know for sure) so they might be ok to get medical care.  Listen in to the radio cast below and you’ll get it. 

“Numbers Don’t Lie, But People Do”–Radio Interview from Charles Siefe–Journalists Take Note, He Addresses How Marketing And Bogus Statistics Are Sources of Problems That Mislead the Public & Government

In Washington, all they do is talk abortions as match seems to either off limits or over their heads today with keeping up with the modern world.  Heck they need big data capabilities to sort out information to make laws, but gee nobody will discuss that, abortions come first:)  Now granted we do have to look at cost but how the money is distributed and charged, well that’s another matter.  So again, the Occupy movement belongs on Wall Street where the algos are created. 

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

Insurers are buying up Health IT companies to sell the very expensive Health IT software, but on the other hand we have laws and rules that are cutting the incomes of doctors and hospitals who are their potential clients and they don’t seem to care, give us money for the shareholders is the tune there. 

WellPoint Creates Reimbursement Algorithm to Cut Down Hospital Annual Payment Increases and Reward Only Those Who “Score” Well–Analytics on Steroids

I wrote part one a couple weeks or so ago and lot’s packed into this post.  I asked that perhaps Michael Moore would consider this for his next movie as he is doing such a great job with awareness, now we need to find a method of attack to fight back against those algorithms we can’t see, feel or talk to.  The movie Capitalism got every stirred up for sure, self included, but again how do we fight “Killer Algorithms”?

Occupying Wall Street–It’s All About the “Attack of the Killer Algorithms”–The Unfair and Marketing Exploit of Ethics Using Math–This Could be a Subject for Michael Moore to Explore and Document In a Movie

I said back in August of 2009 we need a Department of Algorithms in a post I made after the Madoff affair hit the wires, but folk are still not into the fact that formulas and math is the battle ground.

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws? 

How is the Supreme Court going to rule on the Healthcare Law without some big data capabilities?  They can rent this from the DOE or go sit over there in the House and talk abortions I guess with those members of Congress who see this as such a huge priority.  Guess what, the Healthcare Law has a lot of math in there too, so oh my now what? 

Supreme Court Likely to Rule on Healthcare Law Early Next Year–This Gives The Justices Time to Rent Some Computing Space from the DOE As They Will Need It

Now we have more algorithms making their way forward with credit scoring with an optional “tell all” analytical report.  Now granted these are not all bad it’s just the way they get used with “innocent” people who have “stuff” like we all do, some little tiny flaw that the digital illiterates use to judge us as bad people.  Nobody stands out bigger than Arizona Governor Brewer as far as digital illiteracy and not knowing imagehow to use analytics when she cut off funds for transplants and this is exactly what the Vatican is talking about with ethics.  Rootin Tootin Jan believing all the flawed reports and numbers she sees, it’s obvious when you look at her decisions and she should listen above to the radio show about “numbers not lying, but people do”.  That the whole problem with so much of this and the steroid marketing going on to convince us that 2 plus 2 equals 5.  You hear it enough and have it marketed to the fact that this is real math, some start believing it and no longer question what they know is wrong.  I had a couple heavy geeks recently totally agree with me on this that the gullible and naïve numbers in the US are growing.  The more they can sway the more flawed code arrives as they have victory with “duh”. 

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer-Rootin’ Tootin’ IT Illiteracy Riding High Lacking Digital Literacy With Budget Algorithmic Solutions to Find Funding for Transplant Patients

Dangerous decisions without ethics or any elements of “forgiveness” with data are being made every day and the folks who sit at screens and do customer service work are told not to ask questions and that your answers are on the screen.  They may get fired if they question those algorithms built by the officers of company that are strictly designed for profit and they will run them up the flag pole as fast as they can complete with “steroid marketing” to prove their points. With code and algorithms today, math is no longer 100% effective for proving truth and accuracy.  Go back the link above with the quant and re-read that one for edification

“Killer Algorithms: Part 2” Disturbing News for Consumers With Credit Scoring Adding New Data Analytics–Some of the Same Methodologies Used by Insurers With Flawed/Potential Erroneous Data–One More Reason to Continue Occupying Wall Street

Don’t you as a consumer just love to see marketing like this image below, problem is with this image is that “humans” are the “problem applications”…lovely huh..but that’s what’s out there.  If you do not fit, you are the problem, read between the “marketing” lines on this one.  What other message do you get as a consumer?  Obviously this message is not meant for us, even though we are the subject, it’s wording to attract insurers for profit. 

So again in Washington we are just about screwed all the way around as gee why would they entertain tools that could help them make better laws and take of important issues when they can kill the days talking abortions?  As you can see bit business is all over this with using greater technologies, so again a wasted cause for the Occupy movement as they are so digitally illiterate in DC that there’s no glimmer of hope while the are outsmarted all the way around, and we elect these people, scarier yet so let’s all get smarter on who gets into office next time. 

WellPoint Hiring IBM Watson Technologies–Congress Needs to Wrap Their Heads Around Using Technology That Processes 200 Million Pages of Info in 3 Seconds to Make Lawsimage

I’m sure the Vatican didn’t make this statement…although they trust God there but it’s the algo folks that want the data who knows if they have a God or a superior being they worship.

“In God we trust; all others must bring data”

The Vatican can see widening inequality and thus they felt it was time to make a statement and again, I feel it was a good one and can be appreciated by anyone of any religion as all have ethics and this points out how they truly lack on Wall Street so the target for the protesters is right one.  Last week is saw other saying they should move to DC and just laughed at those articles as they doo are probably digital illiterates that don’t get it either.  BD 

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican called on Monday for an overhaul of the world’s financial systems, and once again proposed the establishment of a supranational authority to oversee the global economy, saying it was needed to bring more democratic and ethical principles to a marketplace run amok.

In a report issued by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican argued that “politics — which is responsible for the common good” must be given primacy over the economy and finance, and that existing multinational institutions like the International Monetary Fund had not been responding adequately to global economic problems.

The document grows out of the Roman Catholic Church’s concerns about economic instability and widening inequality of income and wealth around the world, issues that transcend the power of national governments to address on their own.

The language in the document, which the Vatican refers to as a note, is distinctively strong. “We should not be afraid to propose new ideas, even if they might destabilize pre-existing balances of power that prevail over the weakest,” the document states in its conclusions. The message prompted comparisons with the rallying cries of protest movements that have been challenging the financial world order, like the indignados in Madrid and the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City.

The report is highly critical of “an economic liberalism that spurns rules and controls” and fuels social injustice. International institutions must become “more representative, and with greater levels of participation and legitimacy,” Bishop Toso said, to achieve “free and stable markets regulated by an appropriate legal framework and working towards sustainable development and social progress for everyone.”



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