You can read the message below as to what was included and do I care about advertisers being able to reach me according to where I live, no.  Along with all thisimage comes those data intense coupons that collect information too.  Is there any business around today that can exist without selling data?   They also have a new Google Toolbar so I am guessing this is marketing in coordination with Google?  When you use the coupons though that’s where it can get sticky for sure.  We all know that coupons do all kinds of things today.  Walgreens said their data selling business is valued just under $800 million. 


This looks like a good place to put the Stanford video once more that talks about privacy.  There’s millions made here so let’s tax it to help out healthcare by all means.  I would not die due to lacking a social network to connect to but I could die not having the medication I need to fight an infection or a hospital to go to.  BD 

Privacy Wanted–So Let’s Require Those Who Sell Web Data to Register and Tax the Transactions and Publicly Disclose Who They Sell To With a Federal Registry

You Are the Product–Privacy Anonymity and Net Neutrality On the Internet - Excellent Stanford University Lecture (Video)

You Are the Product

Dear Valued Customer,                                                                                                   
Your privacy is an important priority at Verizon.  We want to let you know that Verizon will soon participate in a program that will improve the ability of advertisers to reach our Verizon Online customers based on your physical address.  The goal is to provide online ads that may be more relevant to you.
This program uses your address to determine whether you reside in a local area an advertiser is trying to reach.  However, Verizon won’t share your address with advertisers as part of this process.  Advertisers won’t know it’s you specifically or where you actually live.  If you do not want us to allow advertisers to send you ads based on your geographic area you can let us know by selecting here.
What does this mean for you?

Certain ads you’ll see while browsing the Internet may be directed to you and other Verizon Online customers in your area, so these ads may be of more interest to you.  For example, a pizza chain may want to deliver their ad to give a special offer to people living in a particular area.  Using this program, national brands and local businesses can tailor their offers, coupons, and incentives to your local area.
Protection of Your Personal Information
Verizon protects your personal information as described in our privacy policy.  You can learn about Verizon’s ad practices or let us know that you do not want to participate by selecting here.  If you don’t want to participate, you will need your User ID and Password to access the opt-out page.  Please note that declining to participate won’t impact the number of ads you see, just their potential relevance to you.
For answers to your frequently asked questions, select here.


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