This is really worth watching if you have a chance and whether you know it or not if you are on the web, you are somewhere along the line using some Oracle product, Java being the most frequently accessed and used since their imageacquisition. Larry Ellison, CEO and Founder of Oracle talks about their new open standards cloud.  Beware of false clouds, you have to love this one and throughout the video he talks about the “Roach Hotel of clouds” with, where you can go in and you can’t come out. 

What this means is that the other folks use a proprietary software, which he calls a imagefalse cloud.  In addition, he points out too that each cloud has it’s own data base, again unlike the folks at Salesforce who combine it all into one.  With healthcare, this is a big deal with privacy and security issues for sure.   You can also move the cloud functions back to local servers or move it back and forth to Amazon’s cloud.  Larry states it took 6 years to re-write and “fuse” all their applications, a lot of work but now they all work together and then they added on the “Oracle Social Network” to work across all “Fusion” applications. 


Larry Ellison is in great form and these are some major new offerings from both the cloud and application side of the business  Business intelligence is a big function and integration platform with all Oracle apps.  You have to laugh listening to him with talking about SAP R/3 comparing as well as

Larry Ellison Open World Conference

It’s hysterical when he does his own demonstrations!  That portion is about 2/3 of the way through and the entire video is just short of an hour, but well worth the watch, especially if you are not familiar with Oracle, it’s great tour and nice presentation from Larry Ellison.  Oracle product are not working on IPads too. 


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