Back in June of this year the FDA approved the trial to treat chronic lower back pain with stem cells.  Mesoblast is sponsoring the trial and the company is located in Australia.  

Mesoblast Gets FDA Approval to Begin Advanced Clinical imageTrials Using Stem Cells to Treat Chronic Lower Back Pain 

Mesoblast in September was given European approval for another clinical trial for treating major heart attack victims.

Europe Gives Mesoblast Approval for Clinical Trials of “Off the Shelf” Stem Cell Treatments for Major Heart Attack Victims

The team at Arizona Pain Specialists ( has been selected for an FDA-cleared adult stem cell study on advanced treatment for chronic low back pain. The study will offer this promising alternative to patients at the Arizona Pain Specialist’s clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The treatment offered through the trial study may unlock a vital solution for many people suffering from debilitating pain. Approximately 15% of people in industrialized countries have chronic back pain lasting more than six months. Patients with pain from degenerative discs may now be able to avoid major back surgery. This new treatment involves a single stem cell injection administered into a degenerative disc through the use of adult donor bone marrow stem cells (not derived from embryos).

The selection of Arizona Pain Specialists for this study strengthens the organization’s reputation as leaders in pain management. Physicians at the practice are thrilled to have been chosen to research this innovative biotech treatment.

A global regenerative medicine company, Mesoblast Limited will sponsor the trial study.
Mesoblast’s recent preclinical results indicated that their technology reverses the degenerative process and regenerates disc materials. Mesoblast is world renowned for developing novel regenerative medicine therapies with the aim of improving quality of life and increasing survival of patients with major, unmet clinical needs.


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