This is a good idea, donate the fat for research, why not, as otherwise it’s just disposed of.  The fat is anonymous when donated, in other words there’s nothing that ties a donor to any type of recognition.  BD 

Dr. David Stoker is offering Los Angeles liposuction patients the opportunity to be a part of a ground-breaking research opportunity imagethrough the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Women and men who have liposuction can choose to donate their excess fat to UCLA's stem cell research center, and help scientists develop a range of treatments for conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

"This is an excellent opportunity for women and men to reuse their fat to benefit medical research," notes Dr. Stoker. "Typically, when patients have liposuction, excess fat is disposed of as medical waste. Now, scientists from UCLA can use this fat to advance their stem cell research. After a patient has surgery, our services will anonymously donate the excess fat. Patients can benefit with the knowledge that they can both enhance their physical appearance and potentially help others lead healthy and active lives.


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