As we all are probably aware the Supreme Court has been handed the law for their rulings and decisions.  The healthcare reform law was not all bad, as a matter of fact there’s much good than what some may consider bad in the law today.  As times have changed though, portions of the law are out of date.  I don’t know why we have this issue with reviewing laws and see if they fit current economic times.  Granted some laws are “timeless” but not all of them as some seem to think. image

The first issue of mandating all to carry insurance is one and how do you expect to enforce this?  There’s a bit of insanity here with the high unemployment in the US and current economic times and right now this would be insane to think that this portion of the law could be carried out.  Only those who live in the 70s, and we have a ton of those folks would even think this has any teeth today.  What would one do fine those who don’t have the money?  You can’t put citizens in jail over this either as they are already over crowded.  Here in California where inmates are being turned out early is one big example.  So this provision is outdated and no longer applies at all.  Its’ not like a car where you have an option of whether or not to own one, it’s health insurance and we all have bodies that need care at some point so not an option.

The second item of the public option now certainly makes more sense than ever and would allow many to have insurance and sadly when the law was created during better economic times many didn’t see this as a need, well it’s time has arrived today.  It is also necessary to look at how the entire healthcare business has evolved.  When the law was passed we didn’t have the massive amount of insurance companies that owned subsidiaries to provide Health IT services.  That fact if nothing else with the way the business of health insurance has changed the face of time.  Again, do we come back those living in the 70s again being oblivious to this fact?

More Congressional Testimonies About Health IT–Members of Congress Could Entertain Getting an “Algo Man” on Staff As Wall Street and Health Insurers Have Them–Don’t Leave Home Without One

Actually at this point Universal Healthcare makes more sense than just enacting a public plan.  We live in a very complex society of mathematical formulas and even the abuse of math for marketing purposes in healthcare that flaws and skews statistics in so many areas.  They are not all bad by any means but there’s enough out there that makes the law almost impossible in these 2 areas to even have any substance.  As a good example, let’s take a look at what happens to judges today trying to rule on the law, they can’t even keep track of their investments with the huge amount of mergers and acquisitions out there and get themselves in positions of conflict of interest.  So what do we do jail them too, like the folks that can’t afford health insurance?  If you going to do one, might as well do the other as they are breaking the law too:)  Do they get the benefit of the doubt on something like this because they don’t keep up and read?  Some of these folks don’t do their math very well either, as reflected in the news. 

Judge In Health Care Lawsuit, Has Financial Ties To GOP Marketing Firm-Judges Need Some “Algo Men” on Board As Advisers to Sort Out Their Connected Interests

As citizens, we are told this all the time with being scrutinized for every action we create and are held accountable from information that is mined and sold about our medications and more.  Let’s quit talking in circles.  My opinion here is “sorry Judge educate yourself and see where your dollars are going and do some soul searching” as you are in a position to make huge decisions that impact all citizens,  so take control of your own decisions too, this is the age of transparency and people want to know what kind of role models exist and who’s at the helm making these decisions, take responsibility for your actions. If the first item of requiring all in current economic times is not changed, well everyone is going to look at the judicial system as “having a screw loose” as common sense needs to enter the picture here. 

Florida Judge Rules Against Health Law– Need Some Judicial “Algo Men” to Influence Decisions on Costs With Methodology Entailment and IT Systems Functionality

If you want to look at things in another way you can also see how similar provisions that are used in financial trading are crossing over into healthcare as the insurers are all bough and sold on the stock market so why should a citizen be required to buy from a company listed on a “stock exchange” without another option?  All the subsidiaries of the insurers also run Medicare with their subsidiary contractors processing claims so they are well embedded there for addition revenue too. 

High Frequency Electronic Trading Methodologies And Algorithms Work Their Way Into Healthcare With Human Bodies Losing Liquidity With the “Data Game”

Here’s something else to ponder with mergers and acquisitions too…take at look at the link below and it’s almost kind of scary that one company theoretically has a subsidiary to handle the process of introducing a drug/device to the FDA and through other owns subsidiaries could handle the entire process, right down to doctor reimbursement.  In the past maybe this was not such a big concern as subsidiaries operated as separate companies and they may still do that today to a degree but what happens today that didn’t happen even just a few years ago is the fact that they can and do SHARE DATA and SELL DATA for profit.  Wake up folks.  All of it is not bad, but a lot is when it comes to this type of action simply for profit only, it’s out there every day. 

Today we have a large “black hole” of insurance company subsidiaries that nobody pays a lick of attention to.  I was discussing this fact with someone in the financial area who of course is a human too with a need for care and he said shoot, next the insurers will be buying up the biotech and device companies. Keep an eye open Pharma and Device companies. 

United Healthcare (Optum) Owns A Consulting Firm for FDA Drug and Device Approvals, Clinical Trials–CanReg - Subsidiary Watch

It wasn’t but a few weeks later that we have something like that going on, read the link below with a new “subsidiary” of United with what they are doing.  They don’t own the device company but are set up to distribute and must have some dandy well paid anti-trust lawyers on board is about all I can figure. Sure we get cheaper hearing aids I believe from China, but for those American companies who make hearing aids here, this is not something welcome at a time when we need to bring tangible products being made back to the US.

United HealthCare Gets In the Medical Device Business–Distributing Cheap Hearing Aides Sold Via Hi HealthInnovations Division –Subsidiary Watch

Here’s one subsidiary they quietly bought while everyone is sleeping out there with again not looking at the subsidiary action going on with mergers and acquisitions. 

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

We also have marketing that just skews items and stats like you can’t believe.  Here’s a doctor from the UK that is addressing this and he deserves an ear by all means at this affects all of us.  So again, how can one rule on the healthcare law without looking at how all is connected today and how data is being used? 

Bad Science and Bad Analytics That Misleads–TED Video Takes on Advertising on Steroids and Danger of Mis-Matched Analytics And Distortion of Clinical Trials (Video)

In reality I don’t think anyone wants this job and responsibility to rule and it’s not an all or nothing decision by all means and only the digital illiterates that waste everyone’s time talking abortions in Congress still believe this I think.  You know I just watched Rachel Maddow this week and again the “illiterates” who live in the 70s have this back on the agenda today.  What a waste and it really makes those wasting time on this subject look so 70s and out of touch.  I guess this is where real lawmaking leaves off and what we sadly elected with this showing.  I just wonder if they don’t at some time wonder what other think, especially geeks like me that see that it is digital illiteracy staring us in the face. 

Abortion discussion is the “default topic” for digital Illiterate lawmakers in today’s world.

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

This type of Congressional activity just makes some folks even look more digital illiterates and out of touch but for some reason they just don’t get it and stifle progress and good things happening all the way around.  It’s all they know with being “non participants” in general consumer IT.  We are basically screwed with “digital illiterates” making laws and the scary potential of “digital illiterates” ruling on them, how do we win or make sense here?  In the meantime the algorithms of progress that big business uses just keep on rolling.  This is the bottom line of why we have “Occupy Wall Street” in action today and all of those who are there may not even fully understand all of this but they know something is wrong and it’s doesn’t feel good, so they are doing their best to bring around the awareness the best they can. I call it the Attack of the Killer Algorithms, as it’s all IT infrastructure that runs everything today and put in place by those who design the systems. 

Occupying Wall Street–It’s All About the “Attack of the Killer Algorithms”–The Unfair and Marketing Exploit of Ethics Using Math–This Could be a Subject for Michael Moore to Explore and Document In a Movie

So in summary, let’s hope we do not have a judicial branch that is going to hang on to the 70s and rule on a topic that must take in current economic conditions so they can create an adjustment that makes sense here as it’s not all or nothing, the IT infrastructure if nothing else can’t be taken down from what has already been implemented but it can be adjusted.

This will be a tough decision and when it all shakes out I guess we will see who is really still living in Bedrock as the Fred Flintstones of the US.  If some kind of intelligence is not used and they believe that all stats and analytics are gospel as math is created with algorithmic formulas today, we are in for a long haul of absolute stupidity and and a world of hurt as the digital illiterates will end up shutting everything down in the US that have have prided ourselves on as a democracy with the ignorance of being able to interpret technology and the impact of big business today in how things are run in the US. 

It’s time to take a look at what’s really happening and the impact of technology and I made this post back in August of 2009 about needing a Department of Algorithms, based on what was happening then and it’s hasn’t changed a bit and I might even say here the need has accelerated. 

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

If we get an overall “repeal” vote come out of the Supreme Court it will be one for the record books and straight out of the world of digital illiteracy and if it was not such a dire and sad situation affecting so many in the US, we would be laughing our asses off. 

We need laws and interpretations that fit the digital world we live in today.  BD 


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