This is a great talk on how a company gets built and this is worth listening to as he sold his car, went without 2 roots canals on his teeth, and more to get the company going.  His marketing and getting attention worked and it was honest but he was able to get people talking.  This was not an easy job here, especially in health IimageT. 

Practice Fusion in 2008 was going out of business but he was able to pull it all back together and today just received more funding.  Practice Fusion is a free medical records system that uses advertising and some anonymized data is sold to support the company.  If one cannot evolve he says you will fail.  His slides are great and he makes some very good points.  When building the product you are along a lot and boy I can relate to that.  Way back before Practice Fusion was around I can attest to what he is talking about as I medical records program but I changed directions as when medical records went to the web, it was the right thing for me to do.

What is fascinating in hearing was the fact that he went against the grain, didn’t go for the easy money rates to partner with insurers, HMOs and so forth.  If one is successful you will be ridiculed.  The first 20 minute are Ryan and the rest continues on to additional presentations.  BD 

Practice Fusion–Cracking the Code


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