These folks have not grasped the concept of “big data” yet and might still be working in the “little data” area today.  Oracle yesterday in San Francisco just announced their big offering and you have had IBM out there and again many other technology companies and let’s face it the software design along with hardware needed is getting more complicated, so don’t give CMS one inch here:)  Actually this is like pot calling the kettle black as we don’t see Congress doing anything in their own back yard. 

It’s dangerous today to speak out when you are maybe not up to date on what’s happening around you with expectations that are maybe beyond what can be done and gee these two should be right at home with that routine.  In healthcare we have ECD10 issues lurking all over the place too.  Here’s a back story on that with even Harvard recommending holding off so hospitals and other Health IT organizations can catch up as they have so much on their plate, but we even listen to Harvard any more it seems. I had a client I had to break of this too with not being very observant and would just pound on deadline dates, totally oblivious to the world around them.  Love this statement below…

“Accordingly, Kohl and Grassley asserted that, “The deadline for establishing procedures has passed and there has not been, to our knowledge, adequate consultation with either industry representatives or consumer advocates.”

If I were CMS I would absolutely turn the tables and ask these 2 senators why they are missing their deadlines?  I think a big reason again for Congress is a big level of distraction with the “default” topic of abortion comes in and they can’t function past that at times.  Congress needs big data management like real quick and perhaps they could have even queried the information themselves. 

Lawmakers don’t even see a tool to help them sort the data when it hits them over the head and this can go for the Supreme Court too for that matter.  You can operate like Fred Flintstone today.

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

How does the Supreme Court gather all their data for decisions to avoid unintended consequences?  I bet they don’t get it all. 

Supreme Court Likely to Rule on Healthcare Law Early Next Year–This Gives The Justices Time to Rent Some Computing Space from the DOE As They Will Need It

So many are out of touch too with the cost of data infrastructures too. 

Do Some Think That Health IT Costs and Systems Grow On Trees-Certainly Starting To Give That Impression of Late

This needs to be fixed but gee let’s hammer on CMS and not do anything ourselves here since the issue has been in the hands of Congress for a number of years now to fix, so it’s pass the buck time again!   So guys, get yourself set up to handle some big data and analytics and you would find many of your answers on your own.  It’s just obvious they keep putting the doctors last and blame game time has sadly arrived for a round of CYA. 

The folks in Congress pretty much ran off the US CIO already and now it looks like they are ready to cut off their nose to spite their face and run Dr. Berwick off too, but failures to meet deadlines that require IT infrastructure, well let’s just ignore that and we will continue to hide behind the digital illiteracy curtain for as long as we can.  Sad though is the fact that consumers and doctors lose but this is what they do.  Last I knew we are all consumers so perhaps they could take in a little fun time with some insurer games that are out there and see how they do.  Play along with what they want the rest of us to do and remain “dumbed down” if you will.  They don’t see this side of the algorithmic marketing going on and beating down on consumers either, they just don’t get it.  BD 

Insurer Software Games Continue to “Dumb Down” Consumers–Would You See Bernanke, the President, CEOs and Other Executives Playing an Online Insurance Game–No, Part of the Focus Of Occupy Wall Street Frustrations

As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, the deadline to draft the regulations was October 1, 2011.  Clearly, CMS has failed to meet this deadline, and Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Herb Kohl (D-WI), who are the authors and sponsors of the Sunshine Act, are not happy about it.

In fact, Senators Kohl and Grassley yesterday sent a letter to Donald Berwick, MD, Administrator of CMS, complaining about CMS’s failure to issue the proposed rules.

We should note however, that once a regulation is finished, it must go over to the Office of Budget and Management (OMB), which can take up to 30 days to review and suggest changes.


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