This is pretty cool and there’ calories either, have to take your caffeine straight up.  I still like drinking my coffee though but in in a pinch?  If that is not enough, take a shower in it or get a lollipop, chap stick or soap.  BD 

Caffeine: Shower Shock Caffeinated Body Wash, Javapops

For the Love of Caffeine but maybe not for your heart..


Aeroshot Pure Energy is a slim, pocket-sized tube that works like an asthma inhaler. Puff gently, and the tube releases a light powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth. Each Aeroshot contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, roughly equivalent to a tall mocha at Starbucks. Unlike a Starbucks mocha, it’s calorie-free, and it won’t give you horrid coffee breath.


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