If you are not familiar with the Blue Button program with being able to get your personal health records, I’ll include the video below again to explain how it works for Veterans and Medicare patients.

Blue Button Mobile Available for Veterans to Download and View Personal Health Records

You can choose to share with your doctor if you like and again, why not get them to have as part of your health history.  image

VA Blue Button Update–If You are a Vet or an MD Seeing a Vet Get the Health Data Available With Patient Ability to Download (Video)

I have posted on this topic a few times but the White House has released a video that gives a quick over view and man Vets have ben able to retrieve their information to keep or choose to share with their doctors.  If you are a private practice doctor seeing a Veteran, it’s worth mentioning in case they have not had the chance to download their information.

White House Makes Official Introduction of the “Blue Button”–Microsoft Demonstrates HealthVault Integration And Sharing

In addition you can also transfer your health data to the Surgeon General’s My Family Health Record.   I have not heard anyone talk about it in a very long time so I do wonder if the Surgeon General uses the Surgeon General’s PHR at times too?  Nobody says a word and silence from government executives or workers using a PHR is deafening, but everyone tells you as a consumer you need to do this, and it is a good idea but duh?  The government can’t seems to get their act together here and be any kind of role model for some reason and this is consumer technology for “everyone” right?  BD  

Also worth mentioning is that folks on Medicare can do the same thing and get their data, so if you are not a Vet, check out the link below.  BD

ATLANTA, Oct 04, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- RelayHealth, a leading provider of connectivity solutions for health information exchange, patient-centered medical home and clinical collaboration, announced its support of the Blue Button(R) initiative by enhancing its existing capabilities around downloading and transporting patient personal health records (PHR). Now, every patient who accesses his or her health information on the RelayHealth network has more options to download, print, and share that information with their providers with a single click.

The President of the United States first announced the Blue Button initiative in August 2010. The concept was simple: patients should have one-click access to all of their personal healthcare data. The Department of Veterans Affairs developed the program in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Department of Defense, along with the Markle Foundation's Consumer Engagement Workgroup.

During a recent conference held by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the challenge was given to health information technology vendors to "set data free" -- meaning to let all patients have easy, secure access to their health information through the Blue Button



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