Revenue was down a touch from the same time last year but not enough to say anything is in a down mode here.  In addition the company now has a medical device division that sells hearing aids.  These are due to be in retail stores at some point in time.

United HealthCare Gets In the Medical Device Business–Distributing Cheap Hearing Aides Sold Via Hi HealthInnovations Division –Subsidiary Watch

In addition, they don’t miss much with acquisitions and their subsidiaries as if you read about the Optum sub below, it does the consulting and introduced a drug to the FDA and can carry the ball through most of the processes and with the insurance end they get to control the final reimbursement to MDs via contracts.  Speaking of contracts, a couple hospitals today in Connecticut severed their relationship with United. 

United Healthcare (Optum) Owns A Consulting Firm for FDA Drug and Device Approvals, Clinical Trials–CanReg - Subsidiary Watch

In addition the company is also buying physicians groups so there’s more contract negotiating there with 2 very large physicians groups now under their ownership. 

United Healthcare To Buy Huge Chunk of Orange County, California Managed Care Business with the Purchase of Monarch Healthcare–Subsidiary Watch

OptumHealth (Subsidiary of United Healthcare) Takes Over Memorial IPA in California-Subsidiary Watch

With all the Health IT investments too sometimes it’s maybe a good idea to see where the dollar goes as sometimes you end up being cut on rates and contracts from one subsidiary and then you get sold analytics from their other subsidiary to help you keep what just was cut. 

Subsidiary Watch-Corporate Conglomerate Insurers Reduce Compensation Contracts Using One Subsidiary Then Market Same MDs With Another Subsidiary in Health IT

Last but not least they have a bank with over a billion on deposit from HSA accounts and I would guess this is also where loans are given to healthcare entities as well.  The Optum side of the business was their biggest area of growth this quarter.  BD

UnitedHealth Group Owns a Bank With Deposits Surpassing a Billion – OptumHealth Bank FDIC Insured

“OptumHealth offers three types of HSAs, as well as tax-advantaged health care savings and spending accounts, debit-card services, benefits administration services, and payment products. About three-quarters of the bank’s 1.6 million accounts are employer-generated, while the other quarter are individual accounts.”

UnitedHealth (UNH), the largest health insurer by market value, revealed on Tuesday flat third-quarter earnings that were ahead of Wall Street expectations on stronger enrollment, leading the company to lift its fiscal forecast.

UnitedHealth increased its fiscal 2011 revenue outlook to above $101 billion and upped net earnings to a range of $4.40 to $4.45 a share. Wall Street is predicting earnings of $4.37 a share on sales of $101.51 billion.

The Minnetonka, Minn.-based giant posted net earnings of $1.27 billion, or $1.17 a share, compared with $1.27 billion, or $1.14 a share, in the same quarter last year. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters were expecting a profit of $1.12 a share.

In a statement, UnitedHealth’s chief executive Stephen Hemsley said the company was generating consistent growth through “practical innovation, useful technologies and responsive and compassionate service.”

However, the health insurance provider said its results were held back by rebates under the new U.S. healthcare reform law that requires insurers to pay fees if their claim costs fail to reach a certain percentage of premium revenue.


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