“Insights from the ER” explores next-generation health information technology and how to reach out beyond for a better patient centric future.  If you missed the trailer, imageuse the link below as there’s additional information and another video to watch. 

Insights from the ER Trailer–UCSD Trauma Center–Emergency Medicine Can Transform Other Areas of Healthcare (Video Trailer)

This shows how collaborating and working together can work.  Long lasting relationships are focused, which we are lacking a bit of today in some areas.  The followed an emergency doctor at USCD to observe her shift, and the first patient you see is one who had too many Red Bulls. 

Insights from the ER

This is very well done as you see the care coordination that occurs before the patient arrives.  It keeps things calmer and they can function better.  There are some interesting concepts shown here to include an emergency kit to keep at home.  In the future more care will be delivered to where the patient is located or where it is appropriate.  When I look at the screen the format being used looks so much like the Microsoft forerunner to the Common User Interface called the Contoso EMR.  You can check out the video I did a few years back while I walked around HIMSS with it on my tablet:) 


The home kit idea is interesting and who knows maybe each home will have one of those someday, as it combines the medical devices, a computer to connect and talk and a bunch more items for diagnosis and monitoring.  BD 




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