The protesters are now getting help from professionals that have set up a clinic to help the protesters with common medical needs/ailments.  Back in June of this year the nurses also held their own demonstration on Wall Street. 

Nurses Demonstrate on Wall Street Discussing Wages, Working Conditions - Addressing the Sad State of Healthcare Created by Financial Greed (Video)image

In addition there are plans to target the health care industry as it has been an algorithm risk assessment payment business that is not always fair.  As far as what I have also read, the tent is pretty well stocked with donations coming in from all over the country. 

This is really a big move and again as I have said before it comes down to the math, the bath created with computer formulas that forget ethics along the way and you have computer screens and programmed algorithms making decisions not humans, which is ok but what is lacking today is the knowledge of when a human needs to intervene to correct flawed data or to enhance areas of forgiveness so someone can get care they need. I call it the Attack of the Killer Algorithms and they have teeth as we have all found out.  You can see, touch or feel them but they are there every day on IT infrastructures running 24/7 and when ethics are crossed along with bad and deceptive marketing, you reach a point where enough is enough and I think that is exactly where we are today.  You can read part 3 and there are links back to parts 1 and 2 at the link below.  BD 

“Attack of the Killer Algorithms” Part 3–Vatican Doesn’t Like It Either–Occupy Wall Street Belongs in New York As They Don’t Do Code or Algorithms in Washington–Only Find time To Talk Abortions

Hypothermia, skin infections, sprained ankles, and the common cold — these are just some of the ailments treated by Occupy Wall Street’s volunteer medics who staff a makeshift clinic inside Zuccotti Park. And flu season is coming.

At the National Nurses United tent, there’s at least one registered nurse present around the clock. The encampment is also home, at times, to paramedics, herbalists, acupuncturists, a therapy dog and a veterinarian. There’s a self-service area where protesters can help themselves to vitamins.


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