Well I guess we can figure out what donate semen means here, but this is only a study so far imageand more information is needed but the accuracy rate in the early tests seem to be accurate.  microRNAs have been around for a while and have been successful in use with testing for cancer of the unknown with Rosetta Genomics being a leader in that area with lung cancer so fit appears it’s now getting more specific with biomarkers here.

In addition a cheap drug docetaxel, sold as Taxotere and in generic form is also used to extend life with prostate cancer.  Normally another drug is used in addition to stop the body from producing testosterone at the same time.  BD

A new study has discovered biomarkers in seminal fluid that may improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis, according to Medical News Today.

Currently, prostate cancer— one of the most common cancers in men and a major cause of cancer-related deaths— is detected by using prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. While the test is very sensitive, it is not highly specific for prostate cancer, which can lead to over-diagnosis and unnecessary procedures.

"Biomarkers that can accurately detect prostate cancer at an early stage and identify aggressive tumors are urgently needed to improve patient care," said lead author Dr. Luke Selth, of the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the US.



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