This is the first of 3 new facilities scheduled to open this year and the cost for all three is $ 2 Billion.  We all have probably read by now about the $21 billion Kaiser has in reserves and it has ruffled some feathers with nurses recently. image Building facilities will certainly work as far as getting more care available when so many others have closed.  Below is a past link that tells about how the work with their doctors to allow them time to use mHealth with patients to bring everything full circle. 

Kaiser Permanente Study With mHealth Efforts Yields Better Communication and Care But Physician Schedules Had To Be Revised To Give Them Time for Their “Desktop Medicine”, So You Can Forget Half of What You Read Out When The Big Billions In Savings Are Predicted…

In addition in some parts of the US, Kaiser does have some retail stores. 

Kaiser Permanente Opens Retail Stores In California And Oregon Inside Malls And A Bus With Navigators to Assist Enrollment With State Exchange Programs

Here was another hospital that opened and it focused on the dual monitors so patients could also see their chart information.  Kaiser has done a good job brining the patient/doctor relationship together to where it works as patients have their own PHR where they can log on to view information and communicate with their doctors as well.  BD 

Kaiser Permanente Opens New Medical Center in Gaithersburg, MD With Dual Monitors So Patient Views Same Chart Information as Physicians in Real Time

SAN LEANDRO -- When Kaiser Permanente opens its new hospital on Tuesday, visitors will find a six-story building filled with work by local artists, natural-light-filled rooms and the latest medical technology.

The nonprofit health care provider is shutting down its Hayward hospital, which did not meet new state seismic safety standards, and moving its inpatient care and emergency room to a campus west of Interstate 880 near Marina Boulevard that at one time housed a grocery distribution center.

The new 435,900-square-foot hospital is designed to accommodate more patients later if needed. The top floor is vacant, and the 216-bed hospital has the capacity for 264.

All patient rooms are private, with pullout guest beds for family members. Patients are no longer just separated by a curtain in the emergency room, which has 40 individual treatment rooms.

Dr. Robert Greenberg showed off some of the hospital's tech features on Thursday. At the patient entrance near the emergency room, visitors can find directions to the department they're looking for on an interactive touch screen. In addition to a map, the screen has a QR code that gives them access to directions they can carry on their smartphones.

Every floor has a negative pressure treatment room that allows air to flow in but not escape. "If someone gets off a plane in Oakland who we think may have a contagious infection, for example, we can isolate them in here right away," he said.

Kaiser also is building hospitals scheduled to open this year in Oakland and Redwood City. The three hospitals cost a combined $2 billion.


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