I have been watching this somewhat “stupid” scenario for about 3 years now.  Oh you see all sides of it and banks, companies, insurers snaking around the fact that they buy and sell your data with or without your permission.  It’s getting old with the non data mechanics logic novices trying to think they can dream up some kind of algorithms to help the situation.  The reality is, you can’t. image We hate reading 2-10 privacy policies that are legally correct but we don’t understand.   The privacy statements certainly keep me at a distance because I used be a query monster and I know how it goes.  When you do queries as an occupation, it’s like an addiction as you look for value with data bases queried all the time and you have to be the wise one to determine if there’s value.  Anymore, people just query just about anything and market to have value whether it does or not.

We have some offerings on the web as far as “do not follow” etc. to help ease off a “little” data mining but folks work around that too.  Heck I have so many bots crawling my blog that are stealth, the old “robots.tex” to keep them out doesn’t work anymore hardly.  In addition to what we already deal with we have this, our non data mechanic logic consumer financial protection agency convinced he needs to build a data base of all our consumer credit information.  He’s just lost. 

Richard Cordray Yet One More “Algo Duped” Government Executive Sucked In To Virtual Values and Unable to Locate the “Real World” Now Creating Huge Data Base Of All US Consumer Credit Information…

We have so many data sellers hiding under the carpet with this that sell your data and just keep quiet about it until someone like me comes out and says “they sell data”..what do you think all these mHealth apps and devices do, they collect and sell data.  Try and figure out how they do it by reading a privacy statement sometimes, some are worse than others. We need to create a law that requires every data seller, banks, companies, device companies, insurance companies, pharma, data brokers and so on that distribute and sell data get a license.  You can’t do a damn thing until you identify the folks you are trying to regulate.  I have read so many ridiculous articles on this until I’m blue in the face with novice data mechanics folks “thinking” they can come up with an idea to help solve some of this, but they can’t, as they are not tech folks and don’t know the mechanics of data logic and all they can picture is the end use consumer side, that’s it.  You need folks who can create systems that can make it work.

I go get a haircut and that person who cuts my hair need a license and is regulated and the biggest risk there that could possibly happen to me is I get  a bad hair cut, and that too fixes itself as hair grows. 

We have a non transparent data selling epidemic problem in the US and data ignorance is allowing it to continue and it hurts people too as more and more data is getting flawed.  Consumers end up being the perfect serfs here as we get stuck with denied access to something and thus the buyers and the sellers could care less, they just sell, sell, sell.   I’m tired of reading how “wearables” are going to take over, because they are not, one we have data selling issues and two, well not many will be able to afford them.  Solve privacy and affordability and then you may see an increase but not before those two things occur.  Dream on and keep the bogus marketing and reports rolling I guess.  You could also give this some thought “people don’t work that way”.    We are too busy trying to make people work like an algorithm instead of creating tools that assist us and make us smarter. 

“Wearables” News Glut, Give Us A Break And Cut Some Noise- “They Going To Take Over The World But Have Privacy Issues”, How Many More Times Do We Have to Hear This? (Opinion)

The White House did a big privacy and big data report, but could they once address the data selling epidemic..nope..they might get uncomfortable as they are like the other novices looking at the end user perception only and don’t want to admit the reality here.  I had to laugh as someone said with privacy that HIPAA laws should apply everywhere and if you are in healthcare you’re having good chuckle right now reading that as health can’t even get all of the new complex HIPAA requirements correct all the time so let’s lump some more folks into the oblivion.  That’s what it would be, and to expand it, yikes, it’s just like Meaningful Use getting so complex that people have a hard time explaining all the provisionsimage

White House Privacy Report , “Privacy Bill of Rights”Vague & Complex Verbiage, No Mention of Creating An Index to Identify All data sellers Or The Fact That It’s an Epidemic Leading To Privacy Violations & Flawed Data, Hurting Many Consumers As It Actively Contributes to Inequality

This is a good post below as Experian, who buys and sells a ton of data bought a data thief nicely embedded in the company they bought and didn’t know he was there until the Secret Service found him.  He had 1300 regular customers he sold data too that he stole out of a data base and ran about 3 million queries from a data base that holds information on 200,000 million US citizens, and that’s about 2/3 of the US population if you want the math. They don’t even do any real due diligence, just get the data to sell. 

One Really Good Reason to License and Excise data sellers, Huge Breach As the “Data Selling Epidemic” Both Legally and Illegally Continues To Grow-All We Have Are Lawyers Who Only Do Verbiage While “Code Runs Hog Ass Wild” -Due Diligence is Dead

60 Minutes has done two stories on the data brokers but again it doesn’t end there either, we need ALL data distributors to have a license so we have an index on who the hell they all are and drag them out in the open.  Everyone told the FTC that “claim your data was a farce” as we busy consumers in the 99% and those with money don’t have to deal with what we do with being scored right and left. 

FTC “Reclaim Your Name Campaign” Not Good Enough–No Path for Regulation Identified–All data sellers Including Banks, Insurers, Etc. Should Be Required to Buy a License
CoreLogic Buys Symbility Solutions, Cloud Based Claims and Analytics Technologies for Property and Health Insurance–More 3rd Party Consultants and data sellers Getting Bigger and Stronger With No FTC Regulation In Sight

Re-identifying data, sure ask any expert it’s a matter of fact for them doing this as they do it all the time.  It just depends how much is in it with selling the data is the deciding factor.  I know you read the crap in the news like this is some new finding here, it’s been going on for years and easier now that there’s so much on the web to be mined (and so much is getting flawed) there’s no stopping the data selling epidemic. 

Re-Identifying Medical Records All Depends on the Query Master and How Much Money Can Be Saved or Made With Adjusting Risk, Up or Down

New tools are here with facial recognition too, hey we can math more data and make bigger revenue streams.  Back at the ranch, consumers don’t have a clue on how their data got out there, who did it and how many queries down the road is this from the initial sale of your data? 

Licensing and Excise Taxing data sellers, Facial Recognition Yet One More Tool Used To Secure & Match Data - The Epidemic, Billions in Profits for Banks and US Corporations Using Killer Algorithms to Further Erode Consumer Privacy

This freaks everyone out to read that insurers are buying up your MasterCard and Vista data.  Blue Cross said they like to watch and see if any of their insured start to buy clothes a size larger, and you can’t make that up.  Well I don’t think that could be all of it of course as we are fatter than ever and none of their clothes monitoring via our charge cards are doing a thing.  There’s a lot of other data on those charges I think they are more interested in.  Insurers all score your voice and make a file of it at their call centers…read this one.

Insurance Companies Are Buying Up Consumer Spending Data-Time is Here to License and Tax the data sellers-As Insurers Sell Tons of Data, Gets Flawed Data When Data Buyers Uses Out of Context Too

In addition to requiring all data sellers to maintain an updated listing on a Federal website I think we should entertain excise taxing them as there’s big money there with the likes of Walgreens and CVS making a billion or more each every year selling data…see the big numbers and just think of what banks make..billions out there being made getting their data for nothing and the profits for free just about.   I just wish for all the time spent here we could quit being so stupid about this and get the licensing and indexing rolling and get a law in place.  It would give law enforcement a leg to stand on as well to levy fines and revoke licenses with abuse or not following the laws. 

Let’s drag this E-scoring company out in the public as they sell your data all over the place and due to how he classifies his business he’s not regulated as a credit agency…people can code all around some laws with their algorithms to have verbiage interpreted to be “legal”, and make big money.  I wrote a series called “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms” and that’s a big part of the data selling epidemic. 

e-scoring Credit Algorithms Invisible To Consumers Used to Market and Evaluate, Does Not Fall Under Federal Law And Such Are Used by Insurance Companies - How Will This Work With Exchanges –Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 42

The rest of the world is watching this total insanity of choking off consumes with proprietary scoring methodologies imageas the World Forum on Privacy created a lengthy report on this.  We wanted jobs to help rebuild failing infrastructure and all we got we were a bunch of “scoring” algorithms that deny us access right and left.  They are proprietary and we can’t see the models and how much duped can the government get!  That’s why we have no jobs as they believe all this stuff!  Watch video #1 in the footer and Professor Siefe will explain it to you on how easily everyone gets duped.  He’s got some great examples and it will make you think a bit.  Below is the report if you want to read it. 

World Privacy Forum Report - The Scoring of America: How Secret Consumer Scores Threaten Your Privacy and Your Future - One Big Element that Fuels the Continued Attack of Killer Algorithms & Demise of the Middle Class Creating Profiteering And/Or Denial of Access

In closing can we quit being so damn stupid here and get this rolling and do something about the Data Selling Epidemic?  I have never seen so many folks thinking that there’s some algorithm fairies that can be created to fix this.  The fact of the matter here is that there’s really a lot of algorithm demons out there that know how to pull the wool over your eyes and make money and could give a crap on whether your data is accurate or not as it sells either way, accurate or flawed! 

Come out of the virtual values and look at the data mechanics here and come to terms with the fact that we need and index and that would be in the form of buying a license.  Congress needs to get on this.  I’m not touching any apps or health devices that have these legal privacy policies I don’t understand and neither are a lot of other people and I’m tired of the game and the stupidity as the longer this goes on, the more inequality grows too, and that’s a real bad side effect.  BD 

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

Data Selling is an epidemic in the US!


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