This has been one long haul for MannKind Corporation as it got close once before but the commitment (and the money) has been there to keep it going.  It has been approved for either diabetes type one or type two.  The first product similar to this was one from Pfizer that looked like a bong but this product does not.   Here’s a back link from around a year ago below.image

MannKind Corp Waiting for FDA Approval of Inhaled Insulin–Afrezza-An Army of Inhaler Manufacturers Awaits With Products for Consumer Compliance Monitoring

As I understand one takes a “puff” before a meal but again the long term use of inhaling insulin is still not known.  The company has lost over 2 billion developing this drug.  BD 

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a form of insulin that is inhaled rather than injected, providing a new option for millions of Americans with diabetes.

The approval of the drug, Afrezza, is a milestone in a long and expensive journey for its developer, MannKind Corporation, and for its chief executive, Alfred E. Mann, an 88-year-old billionaire who spent a big part of his fortune sustaining the company through various setbacks.

“Today’s F.D.A. action validates the years of clinical research and commitment that powered the development of this unique therapy,” Mr. Mann said in a statement Friday.

The company, based in Valencia, Calif., has lost more than $2.3 billion since its inception. The inhaled insulin was rejected twice by the F.D.A., forcing MannKind to conduct new clinical trials.


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