This is a big deal for doctors here in California as there are quite a few local medical groups that contract with Tenet and accordingimage to this story in the middle of the state some doctors have already been told that their contracts may change, so doctors either leave or join the new group and see what changes lie ahead.  Emergency room doctors and hospitalists are among the services they are looking at.  National contractors use their own doctors so perhaps some may be allowed to join?  We don’t know yet.

Two big physician outsourcing companies just merged via an acquisition of one by the other just a few days ago.  BD

Sheridan Physician Outsourcing Service Bought by Amsurg Surgical Services for $2.35 Billion

Physicians at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center have been notified that Tenet Healthcare Corp., the hospital’s owner, may contract with a national company to provide some medical services.

The plan would affect Sierra Vista in San Luis Obispo, Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton and an unknown number of other Tenet-owned hospitals in California.

According to several sources, Tenet is considering ending contracts with local medical groups providing anesthesiology, emergency department and hospitalist care. Tenet would contract with a single national company to provide those services at a lower rate to some or all Tenet hospitals in California, several physicians told The Tribune.

In response, the committee, which represents the 400 physicians who use the hospital, held an emergency meeting and took a position opposing the plan, he said.

“We have not received anything official in writing or a date when this would start,” said Voge, who is not on the executive committee, “but I think it’s being presented by the administration as a done deal. It was announced as a sort of fait accompli. I can say that among the medical staff, I don’t know anyone who is not on board with opposing this.”


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