There’s many more suffering from the “Algo Duping” syndrome we have seen at HHS than just Sebelius, she just got the name as she was so very publicly visible in just stumbling all over her repeatedly.  There are many in the White House, Congress and other government executive positions stuck with the affliction as well.  For an simple example, you can look at Mary Jo White at the SEC who’s trying to use verbiageimage to run an agency with very high tech regulations to administer.   She’s becoming a runner up to Kathleen Sebelius with what’s been reported in the news and clearly give the very visual impression as yet one more afflicted by the “Sebelius Syndrome”.    Lawyers just suck at regulations as far as being the leaders, and of course lawyers are needed with regulation but not in the top spot as they have no “data mechanics” knowledge and it shows when technology  issues come up. 

People in technology just tear those digital illiterate folks up when their perceptions are voice in public that we know are not functionally true with the way computer code and algorithms work.  I do it here at this blog and there’s bigger folks than me that do it too as we get tired of folks just chasing stats and embellishing themselves in “virtual values”.  So when you look at Mary Jo White, you see the same thing…nada upstairs with any data mechanics knowledge and folks that don’t have it just stumble over themselves while it hurts consumers.  They are in such virtual capsules and so entrenched by their perceptions, they keep doing the same nonsense rationalization over and over.  I report on healthcare here but when it gets so obvious, it’s hard not to blog about it as it sticks out like a sore thumb.  By perspective here’s the best that Mary Jo has to offer, pretty sad is it not.

“Markets Are Not Rigged” Spoken Like A True Data Mechanics novice, It’s Like Sebelius at HHS All Over Again, Looking For Algo Fairies at The SEC, One More Government Agency Wrapped Up in “The Grays”…

So now we have a new leader taking over at HHS and of course we know there’s no miracle workers around and hopefully we won’t have another one like Sebelius search for “Algo Fairies” to come in and save the day.  That got so old over and over and over.  One of the classics was “hurry up Health IT” which again showed the wishing and hoping for some magical algorithms to run in and fix things with the complete inability to look at the “real world”.  We got very tired of it and you saw the likes of Jon Stewart even put it out on major media circuits as it was just so obvious and at the same time, very sad.  I braced myself back in 2009 as I study and research Health IT and could that one coming and suggested we get a “smarter person in place with some data mechanics logic” with their thinking and about got my head chewed off,but it came to pass.  You need this balance and non fairy tale look at reality of how the world functions today with so much decision making running on servers 24/7.

The reality here is what I wrote below, complexities are winning and when they win, insurers make money.  I’m not the first one to say this and I won’t be the last so again this is why the search for “Algo Fairies” with executive perceptions is so deadly to our existence.  We’ve already lost Elizabeth Warren as another example so it was good while it lasted but she too is off in book land and little interest do we have in videos testifying any longer in front of Congress as she’s only able to go after low hanging fruit, which is a little better than nothing as again she too lacks any data mechanics logic.  The book  signing side show with Piketty this week was something else to just shake your head at. 

Complexities Are Winning - Medicare Principal; Deputy Administrator Calling It Quits - Time For Folks To Come Out of “The Grays” And Look at the Reality of the Complex Systems We Built - Beyond Humans And Even the Machines To Handle At Times-IT on Overload

Time will tell if Burwell has any new thinking or if she ends up being afflicted with the “Sebelius Syndrome” which seems to grow by the day with government executives.  How long before we are next burdened with a Sebelius autobiography I wonder (grin).  All these folks who were government workers writing books are pretty useless too as we have already lived it once, who wants a book drag it all up again as we lived “The Grays” already. 

Yes indeed hopefully we have maybe come to the reality that folks in government need some data mechanics logic or hire a second in command who does and listen to them.  When the Healthcare.Gov website came out and we had to listen to Obama pleading ignorance and not being able to write code himself, well there you go, folks living in virtual worlds that better wake up and pay attention as algorithms are created by the wealthy and run on servers 24/7 and sure decision impact the parameters of what the servers do and that’s where this little bit of data mechanics logical thinking comes in.  Maybe Burwell might consider some protection efforts too with the ONC of moving them over to the FDA as I said a while back that Congress would be out looking at that agency too as models are failing, look for someone to put the blame on for medical records.  You can just predict that type of behavior from those in Congress too with no data mechanics logic and the agency exists for a purpose.  So far the good news here is one less battle in Congress duking her appointment out but there’s more to is than just one magical executive appointment. 

“People Don’t Work That Way” A World of Broken Software Models That Don’t Align To the Human Side,Too Much Push At Times With Only A Proof of Concept That Fails in the Real World..

So what’s up with Burwell?  We shall soon find out what she’s made of and again hopefully not one one more drowning in the “Sebelius Syndrome” as we have enough of those and they are reasons we have so much bliss and digital illiteracy growing out there, and yet in the news nobody pays much attention to complexities as designed with algorithmic formulas, it’s just us “dumb consumers” again that need more education..duh?  Slowly but surely as frustration arises, us “dumb consumers” are getting more educated and for that reason I keep my “Killer Algorithm” page going to help that effort.  People don’t know how to address an algorithm that denies them access..what you say..that’s the reality and why the Occupy movement occurred in the first place.  Now’s a time to pay attention to some of the old time technology veterans as well as there’s your knowledge and maturity as they can tell you when virtual values dupe everyone and have very publicly if anyone listens.    BD 

Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle, HCM Conference Keynote–”Be Careful About Virtual Relationships With Artificially Intelligent Pieces of Software That’s Smarter Than You“, It’s Really All About People”–Algo Duping and the Killer Algorithms Living Amongst Us…(Update) Video
Bill Gates: The Internet Is Not Going To Save The World, As A Priority It’s A Joke, But Eradicating Disease Might..

In her new role, the 48-year-old veteran of the Clinton administration’s economic team will oversee 11 far-flung agencies that make up HHS, including the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the enormous public insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid.

But Burwell’s early focus is almost certain to center on the work that absorbed her predecessor, Kathleen Sebelius, during much of her five-year tenure at HHS: implementing the Affordable Care Act in a climate that remains politically polarized and could become more so, depending on the outcome of congressional elections this fall.

On a bipartisan vote of 78 to 17, senators approved Burwell to lead the government’s largest domestic department, ending a quick confirmation process that was devoid of the bitter partisanship surrounding the 2010 Affordable Care Act and the changes it is bringing to the U.S. health-care system.


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