I have to blog this as it just irritated me to see this correlation here with numbers.  Sure people are on board as far as modernization of power plants, and I don’t hear anyone complaining that loud about cleaning up energy plants, but the numbers on this email flyer, junk.  Who made them up?  I call most of the correspondence I get anymore from the White House a “template” as that’s what it looks like, just another version of some email that comes from company with no imagination and sometimes folks promoting their “selfies”.  If you want to make a case to get the EPA work done, don’t make things look bad with fake numbers on heart attacks, etc. 

Oh yes it was on Twitter too with Sebelius retweeting some of the stats, so no change there, same Sebelius Syndrome keeps rolling even though she has resigned…or whenever that day might appear:)

VA Crisis Just The Tip of the Iceberg As US Needs a Full On Healthcare Culture Change Everywhere To Get Back In Touch With the Real World of Patients…

I cut part of this off with a screenshot but it also said at the bottom that there will be fewer visits to the ER rooms…come on.  This is just bad and doesn’t the White House think that people will look at it and laugh or be disgusted?  When I said the VA is just the tip of the iceberg with the US being a nation of “Stat Rats” I didn’t have long to wait but I’ll make that correlation that this is same thing, stats, stats, and stupid stats here.  There’s kind of a fun website, Spurious Correlations that I swear some of the studies we see originate there and this looks like could reside there too.  This line below…well what do you think? 

“That means Americans will be taking fewer trips to the emergency room, spending less time away from school or from work, and enjoying longer, healthier lives.”

The banks like to blame everything on the weather and we he haw it up about that so here’s some new spurious content to look at.  You can’t predict that 100,000 asthma attacks will be avoided!  How about heart attacks…well they kind of changed their numbers and I guess one set is just a heart attack and the other is a heart attack requiring visiting the hospital.  3300 visits going to the hospital over a heart attack can be avoided?  Huh?  Heart attacks have many causes and someone just made these numbers up as any mathematician or quant will tell you that you can’t predict items like this.  We ended up with Quantitated Justifications for things that are just not true. It is disappointing to see the White House dive into the world of Junk Science and live virtual values, but that’s what we seem to have going on, and on, and on, and on…..  John Podesta, the author might want to take another look at the junk science numbers here. 

Be sure to watch video #1 in my footer, “It’s all about Context” and you’ll clearly see how ridiculous these numbers are.    I just hope some of those folks soon come out of “The Grays” as us middle class folks are absolutely out here feeling it as we want jobs and help build decaying infrastructures but all our government has been able to give us is a bunch of data mining algorithms that deny us access right and left and flaw up the data we have.  BD 



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