Fact of the matter is we don’t have any of these folks around anymore, maybe except in their own minds.  We can take Hillary Clinton for one and I like her but she’s old news in healthcare as it’s a much different world from when she entered the field years ago.  Right now everyone is all caught up in how money she makes anyway and there’s no talent discussed anymore and I’m not picking on her at all just one example of what we have out there today with leadership, a bunch of nothing.  There’s a lot of people with money but that doesn’t make them an expert always. 

If you have watched the resignations at HHS and CMS, there’s been a few and my guess is that the stress is wearing on them as well as the world we live in today revolves around algorithms and making money with algorithms.  We have not seen any job efforts as everyone is busy selling data and it’s getting worse and the quality of care is going down in the US and nobody is happy, doctors or patients and even some of the most brilliant motivators from the patient side seem to be pretty quiet of late too, so I see a message there too.  The message is ugly and we see it in the news every day with everything not about humans, but about money.  We’re just one more bot in the wall you could say.

Technology is eating a huge hole in healthcare too and we need it, but how much?  We certainly don’t know do we as we can’t stop to take a breath at times.  We need a certain amount but there was an article out today saying a lot of non profits are having a tough time financially and where do think that cost lies?  It’s with technology.  Actually we are having more of this with folks running for the exits. 

The Quiet and Unspoken Consumer Movement to Stay Off the Radar - Contrary To All You Read About Sensors, Apps and Wearables, More Folks Are Running for the Exit Doors…

It’s a very scary world out there right now and a new set of algorithms, no matter what direction they come from, upset the apple cart in some fashion almost every day so how we can have “real experts”?  We can’t.  As consumers we’re too busy sitting around filling out forms online for this and then for that.  That’s what they have us doing anymore for anything we want and then we can’t even have any real peace to go out and shop as we have algorithms following us there too and more on the way from Google.

This is the life that the US has cut out for it’s citizens and sure there are breakthroughs and good things happening too but they get out shadowed by the other side of just putting a target on our head for a dollar amount assigned to the data we can offer, not for the value of what we can offer as a person anymore.  It’s sad. 

Big business has decided that we just need to be scored right and left all the time to find out more about us and of course we don’t like it as they turn around sell what ever score they create about us and nobody’s even checking for accuracy anymore, if we have data, the companies or banks are going to sell it and it makes no difference if it’s accurate or not as bad data sells as good as good data anymore.image 

The True Dangers With Corporate Obsessive Algorithmic Scoring of US Consumers - It Creates More Flawed Data For Sale And Makes Banks and Companies Wealthier As the Pace of Inequality Accelerates …

So for all you self proposed experts and healthcare leaders, just save us having yet one more book to hear about as most of the time we have already lived it once, and again we’re too busy outrunning algorithms that are chasing us in every turn of life.  We’re not excited anymore about new technologies, unless it is something fun like a game but even those are starting to wear a bit thin too, we don’t have time, we have algorithms chasing us and more wanting data entered on a computer.  Here’s a book that offers some advice from a real straight shooter from NYU.

“Virtual Unreality” - Maybe A Good Read After the Fake Facebook “Science” Report To Help You Figure Out What’s A Virtual Value and What’s A Real Value Out There

Sure there’s a need for some time in front of the computer but even the White House is just big “bot” anymore.  There’s nothing that arrives in email that touches you or means anything, it’s just another bot in the wall.  This is life for the average consumer and value as described by physicist Sean Gourley…take note and see what’s really going on for the consumers out there if you are an expert reading this.  The first part talks about markets and then he graduates into the web and social networks.  He says we have to determine what our relationship is going to be with the bots…well humans are still writing algorithms and those are the ones in control of our little worlds. 

So again in closing this rant, don’t bother us with saying we have “healthcare experts” as we don’t.  The only healthcare folks we really relate to are the doctors and nurses that care for us and that’s it, as the rest of the system is turning into dead weight as far as value for consumers.  Just please spare us the “expert” connotation if you would in the future as we know you are just store front for all those algorithms we are running from or on occasion interacting with when we have to.  Like I say, I base what I write here on feedback from real people and not what I read on the web as that’s what matters, the real world and not the virtual world painted on my computer screen.  BD


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