Google Glass is definitely finding a home with healthcare and medical records. Drchrono, an Ipad medical records vendor has now also imageadded a “Google Glass” version, although you don’t need to have this system to use Google Glass.

Google Glass is moving fast throughout healthcare as it frees up the doctors hands from either a computer or a tablet and allows better eye contact with patients.  I have posted about the use of Google Glass at Beth Israel Deaconess, a thorough pilot that now has worked into regular use beyond.  Their program specifically uses Google Glasses that are Orange in color so they can’t be missed.  Sometimes the normal gray colors may  not be noticed. 

Beth Israel Does a “Real” Google Glass Beta With ER Physicians Combing Use of QR Codes For Location - Full Roll Out To Become Available Soon For Other Interested ER Physicians..

We also had the anesthesiologist in the surgery room using Google Glass, and that’s a good think to keep them away their cellphones during surgery.

Delivering Patient Care With Google Glass , Proof of Concept With Anesthesiologist in the Operating Room And Beyond –Video

Here’s a video showing a Dignity Health Clinic in Ventura using Google Glass in a regular family practice scenario which gives a good view of how they work in every day medicine. 

In addition Google Glass has made a big splash at UCI Irvine with 10 pairs through bought from a donation with more to come later. 

UCI Irvine First Medical School To Use Google Glass

Below is one more video showing a podiatrist using Google Glass in his practice with the Drchrono EMR.   BD

The future of Google Glass in health care appears to be by now not a question of if but a question of where and when. Philips Healthcare, in its explorations into health care's future, created a video that imagined how Google Glass might helpimage clinicians, from the operating room to the hospital corridors.

Videos, photos and notes are stored in the patient's electronic medical record or in Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service and can be shared with the patient on request." To develop the service, Drchrono worked closely with Box, one of its early investors, and the Google Glass team, according to Reuters. ("As we bring Box to more organizations, our mission remains the same: to make sharing, accessing and managing content ridiculously easy," Aaron Levie, CEO, has stated on the company website. The company was founded in 2005, and Box is a cloud platform for businesses to store, share and manage company files.) Meanwhile, Kivatinos, according to the Reuters report, said, "Google is still in the early-stages of determining the most viable use-cases for Google Glass. But some doctors are demanding Glass, so Google is providing resources and support to developers."


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