It’s been a while back but 4medica licensed the patent portfolio of MMRGlobal and you can read more at the back linkimage below for additional details.  As I read this the patient or “personal representative” will be able to access all labs to be compliant with new HHS rules that have now require patients have access to their labs.  The PHR is available as a stand alone solution or can be used with 4medica’s Lab4 portal solution.  As an added note next week relative to MMRGlobal patents, the final decision with current patents with Quest, WebMD and Allscripts are to be decided.

4medica Electronic Medical Records Company Signs Agreement With MMRGlobal (MyMedicalRecord) To License Health IT Patents

The platform solution (link below) carries a patent in being the first of it’s kind in the industry with patient matching capabilities.  Again being a platform to work with EHRs and HIE systems one reference number would be able to span across various records to from  several “connected” sources to consolidate on one dashboard or screen for all relative patient information if they were seen or treated at different facilities and locations.

4medica Introduces Master Patient Index Engine Using Big Data Technologies and Algorithmic Processes In the Cloud

The company also has their own iEHR Software as a Service Platform in the cloud that can connect doctors to hospitals and imageworks in the cloud and can be licensed and used  to connect with any medical records system.  The website also states that the iEHR platform will connect with other PHR services. states that prescription records and labs soon will be integrated into their PHR as well .  BD

“Yes, healthcare providers can purchase the individual clinical integration modules of Inpatient4, Lab4, Imaging4, Path4 and Meds4, or they can purchase the fully integrated iEHR platform.”

Press Release below:

4medica Releases First Fully Integrated Patented Patient Portal for Laboratory Compliance With HHS Rules

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2014) - 4medica, a leading provider of a cloud clinical integration platform and portal solution, has created the only laboratory personal health record (PHR) solution licensed under the MyMedicalRecords HIT patent portfolio, owned by MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCQB: MMRF). The 4medica solution is the first fully integrated personal health record solution for laboratories and other healthcare organizations that meet the requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) amended Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act and final rules.

The latest Amendment to the original 1988 CLIA regulations allow laboratories to give a patient, or his or her "personal representative," access to the patient's completed test reports on the patient's or patient's personal representative's request. 4medica is the only company of its kind offering a fully integrated laboratory personal health record (PHR) and patient portal solution which includes rights to MyMedicalRecords U.S. Patents.

"Access to laboratory results is a mandatory step in HHS' ongoing effort to make patients informed partners with healthcare providers," noted Oleg Bess, M.D., 4medica's CEO. "4medica has always been ahead of the curve, and as a result, is the country's only licensed PHR that establishes a three-way clinical 'conversation' by creating a cost-effective way for labs to provide results, an efficient way for patients to access them, and an efficacious way for physicians to stay in the loop and provide the best patient counsel and support."

The 4medica PHR offers several new features, including:

1. Fully certified and compliant for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

2. Patient-centric record provided by 4medica Big Data EMPI.

3. Ability to view clinical data from multiple physician practices.

4. Secure physician-to-patient and lab-to-patient messaging.

5. Patient forms available to collect required information for labs or physician practices.

6. Audit trail to monitor patients' activities within the PHR.

7. Family-based enrollment that allows the entire family to be set up under a single, family account.

8. Scanning of existing paper medical records, import images, and other forms from other physicians, hospitals, and labs into the PHR.

"This new version of the 4medica PHR was designed specifically to help laboratories meet government regulations and meaningful use requirements by supporting secure lab sharing of HIPAA-sensitive, private patient data," said Dr. Bess. It also provides a multitude of useful features to assure patient's engagement and continued usage.

Additionally, all 4medica clients and their patients receive protection under MMR's million dollar Cyber Liability Insurance Program. This includes protection from actual loss or damage caused in defending a violation of the expanded HIPAA regulations under HITECH. The underlying Cyber Liability policy is underwritten by an A-rated insurance company by A.M. Best and coverage extends to MMRGlobal's corporate clients and partners.

A standalone solution, 4medica PHR can be used with 4medica's Lab4 -- the industry's only lab portal solution with fully integrated EHR and PHR modules -- or with solutions from other connectivity vendors.

4medica's Integrated Electronic Health Record (4medica iEHR(R)), the industry's leading cloud SaaS clinical integration platform, helps healthcare organizations of diverse types create a seamless view of the patient care experience and drive EHR adoption. 4medica connects over 100 institutional facilities including hospitals, health systems, physicians, laboratories and radiology and pathology clinics; more than 30,000 physicians use its products.

About 4medica

4medica provides the industry's leading cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) clinical integration platform, the 4medica Integrated Electronic Health Record (4medica iEHR(R)), to help healthcare organizations of diverse types create a seamless view of the patient care experience and drive EHR adoption. The intuitive iEHR platform design integrates with and builds upon disparate systems to facilitate interoperable data exchange across various care settings to promote care continuity. The cloud computing model is scalable, lower cost, maintenance-free, easy to use and deployable in a few months or less, eliminating large capital outlays or resource utilization. This is especially critical for small community and rural hospitals and physician heath organizations of all types and sizes striving to qualify for ARRA incentives and to demonstrate Meaningful Use. 4medica connects 100-plus institutional facilities including hospitals, health systems, physicians, laboratories and radiology and pathology clinics. More than 30,000 physicians use 4medica's products. For more information, visit


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