If you read here at the Medical Quack then you might remember MMRGlobal not too long ago settled a patent dispute with Walgreens and part of the licensing agreement was that MyMedicalRecords PHR would be marketed and sold on Drugstore.Com , which Walgreens purchased a while back.  Read below what the contents of the box contains.  MMRGlobal is a valued sponsor at the Medical Quack.  In the meantime we have Walgreens suing CVS and Rite Aid for patent violations.  Also from a last news update, it appears a settlement may be in the works soon for MMRGlobal with Quest, Allscripts and WebMD, reflecting from the notes from the last day in court. 

Walgreens and MyMedicalRecords Reach Settlement Agreement Related to Patent Infringements

As I also understand the PHR will be available in retail stores soon as well.  BD 

From Drugstore.com: image

Instant Access to Your Medical Records Whenever & Wherever You Need Them
Secure online access to your medical records & important documents 24/7 - from anywhere in the world. 


  • Activation Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide
  • 20 Authorization Stickers for Your Doctors
  • 10 Emergency Health Record Access Cards

First Responders Can View Potentially Life-Saving Information in an Emergency

  • Great for Families, Travelers, Caregivers, Pets, and Those with Chronic Conditions
  • Safe, Secure, Private Online Access to your Medical Records for You and Your Entire Family
  • Integrated Voice, Fax & Lifeline Telephone Number at No Additional Cost
  • Checks for Adverse Reactions Between More Than 30,000 Drugs, Supplements & Foods
  • Calendar Medication Reminders & Appointments
  • Easily Renewable Online or In-Store

Perfect for:  Family medical history, birth certificates, passports, allergy information, powers of attorney, prescription records, kids immunization records, senior care records, insurance policies, wills & advance directives, lab reports, military service records, photos of family, pets, & personal property, and more!

Activate account with PIN shown inside box.  The Quick Start Guide shows you hot to get started using your Personal Health Record.  Fill out the Emergency Wallet Stickers and Emergency Cards so doctors can access your records in a medical emergency.  Fill out the Authorization Stickers so your doctors can fax your medical records into your account.  Fill out the Request for Protected Health Information release form to submit to your providers and to obtain copies of your medical records and other personal health information.  The enclosed User Guide has everything you need to the most out of your account.



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