Way back in the early days of apps, back to the old Windows Phone apps written in Visual Basic, I wrote a few of those as a hobby mostly and a learning tool and even back then, nobody got excited over them.  I tried to get folks excited toimage use my simple apps at the time and even my best friends who are usually more than willing to be supportive, said something like “come on Barbara” meaning they were not going to sit there and enter data and in those days that’s what it was completely as we had no accelerators and other modern sensors that connected with Blue Tooth either.  We all used to set around at the Microsoft Users mobile group and wonder if Blue Tooth would ever catch on, which of course it did, but back then, we had no clue either.  Below is another app that didn’t fix people from depressed either that Aetna dropped.

Aetna To End InvolveCare mHealth App-Didn’t Seem To Reduce Loneliness and Depression as Hoped

Apps are certainly much better today, but the still same thing haunts developers as consumer lose interest after a while, not to mention today we have the Data Selling Epidemic out there as well so who’s going to trust the app?  For now according to the article at the link below, it will be in operation until the end of the year and there’s no real explanation of the “wind down” if you will.  Aetna tried selling their software in Best Buy Stores a while back.  Aetna still owns other subsidiaries like this one. 

Aetna to Acquire Horizon Behavioral Services – Provider of of Employee Assistance Programs for Employers

Two years ago I said this about apps and again it goes back to the early days of what I saw and observed.

Apps Aps Everywhere But Nobody Cares–Way Too Many Software Programs and Contests For Programs That Only Do “One Thing” In Healthcare

Aetna has done other things like a contest called “take your pill” too.  It’s hard to write software that engages people and again I come back to “people don’t work that way”….

It is indeed difficult to guess as a developer sometimes on what will work with consumers and what will not and one thing to remember is that we as consumers have all kinds of software companies, healthcare and otherwise wanting our participation and we can’t do it all:)  In addition there’s the privacy issues and we would like to know who all the data distributors are, and thus here’s what we need, license all data distributors so when there’s errors, which is a growing issue, we know where to go to get things fixed so we are not denied access to something along the line, or the data is used in some kind of “scoring” event that will do that.  BD

Transparency And Privacy Campaign - Need to License All Who Sell Data So We Know Who They Are - Why All Privacy Laws have Failed, We Have No Index…Please Help..

After MobiHealthNews spotted and reported on the departure of two Aetna executives on the CarePass team, Aetna has confirmed exclusively to MobiHealthNews that it will be phasing out the platform, and that the previously announced employer pilots will not be going forward.

“At this time, we have decided to make no further investments in the CarePass platform,” an Aetna spokesperson told MobiHealthNews in an email. “Current CarePass users will continue to have access to the CarePass platform for the time being, but we plan on closing the CarePass web and mobile experiences by the end of this year. In addition, we will not be conducting pilot programs with Aetna plan sponsors that were previously reported.”

The company found no shortage of willing partners to feed data into the app. Over the two years of its existence, CarePass interfaced with MapMyFitness, LoseIt, RunKeeper, Fooducate, Jawbone, Fitbit, fatsecret, Withings, breathresearch (makers of MyBreath), Zipongo, BodyMedia, Active, Goodchime!, MoxieFit, Passage, FitSync, FitBug, BettrLife, Thryve, SparkPeople, HealthSpark, NetPulse, Earndit, FoodEssentials, Personal.com, Healthline, GoodRx, GymPact, Pilljogger, mHealthCoach, Care4Today, and meQuilibrium.

But for all the support from an industry thirsty for data connectivity, an open question is whether the insurer found quite as many willing users — even after opening the platform up to all users, not just Aetna customers. It seems likely from today’s news that they did not.



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