This is quite a video and the patient is a violinist and he was noticing he was having problems playing with the shaking that imagewas developing.  It was difficult for the doctors to find the best possible places to place the electrodes in his brain.  So the engineering crew came in and worked with the surgeon to create a violin he could play during surgery.  An accelerator was placed on the violin so they could see the images of the signals on the machine.

This was the first challenge with this type of surgery.  How nice though to hear the music during surgery.  When you listen to how he plays with the tremor and then the after effects when he plays with the electrodes turned on.  He would have los this career as a violist

This is just totally amazing that the surgery was a success.  There was no guarantee and he began playing the day he got home from the Mayo Clinic.  BD 

Concert violinist Roger Frisch’s career was in jeopardy when he was diagnosed with essential tremors in 2009, a mild condition in which abnormal signals are sent from the sections of the brain responsible for movement.

It took a few years of convincing for the Minnesota Orchestra musician to agree to undergo an experimental procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation.

The procedure involves the implementation of a tiny electrode in the brain so that Frisch could control his tremors by the simple push of a button.

According to Daily Mail, an accelerometer was put on the tip of Frisch’s violin bow, transmitting his tremors onto a graph on a computer screen.


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