This is a very worthwhile medical device and the video below shows a quick summary of how it works. 

The patient lays on a pad to transmit the information and it measures the pressure in the pulmonary artery. 

Any pressure changes can be seen and caught before the patient has to go to the ER with any fluid build up.  Medications can be adjusted if needed. 

You can see the pad in the video whereby the device is checked at the end of the procedure.

There’s no shortage of screens in the operating room.  It’s energized from the outside so there’s no having to go in and retrieve the device either.  This is the first tool cardiologists have to truly monitor the patient’s condition.  BD 

The CardioMEMS HF System is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions when used by physicians to manage the condition. The technology features a sensor that is implanted through a catheter into the pulmonary artery (PA) to directly measure PA pressure. Increased PA pressures appear before weight and blood pressure changes, which are often used as indirect measures of worsening heart failure.

“All the patient has to do is lie back on a special pad,” explained Bradford E. Warden, M.D., director of the WVU Heart Institute and chief of the WVU School of Medicine Section of Cardiology. “Radio waves are then transmitted to an external electronic system, and the device measures pressure in the pulmonary artery. It lets us notice any pressure changes three or four weeks before the patient develops pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) from exacerbated congestive heart failure. It gives us a chance to get pulmonary edema under control by adjusting medications while keeping the patient out of the hospital and in the comfort of his or her own home.”

“The last time, I was having shortness of breath,” explained Uchic. “I have to go over to Oakland (Md.) if I need to see someone in a hurry. This monitor will help the doctor decide if I should take more of my diuretic or other medications, and it should save me a trip to the hospital.”


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