Of course this fell right into my backyard campaign once again and once again I’ll state that we need an index on “who” all the data sellers and distributors are in the US. Now that additional “data flipping” is taking place to where you are sold, re-queried and then sold again when merged with another data base, you can’t fine the place to go as a consumer to correct errors.  Are there errors?  You bet there are, many of them and people use that data to “score” you and either give or deny you access to something.  The World Privacy Report says it well.  It’s the invasion of the data snatchers or as I call it, “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms”. 

World Privacy Forum Report - The Scoring of America: How Secret Consumer Scores Threaten Your Privacy and Your Future - One Big Element that Fuels the Continued Attack of Killer Algorithms & Demise of the Middle Class Creating Profiteering And/Or Denial of Access

Interesting too that the FTC did do some work here and found that some data was being shared with 3rd parties, which goes to show you never know what goes on behind closed server doors, and that’s the issue here.  Trust me in the data world just doesn’t work anymore and really hasn’t for a quite a while.  FTC found 12 mobile health and fitness apps sending user’s personal information to 76 different parties, so what the senator says here is correct with his fears.  It was interesting a couple weeks ago that Acxiom decided to reach out to me on Twitter after one of my other blog posts, and I gave them some “fair” food for thought and gave some other examples of flawed data for thought.  I have been in on this campaign myself with flawed data out there as it has happened to me, so thus I have some motivation here you could say. 

Acxiom @MedicalQuack We believe in ethical use of data & giving consumers transparency/choice – learn more about our stance: bit.ly/PMf0ka

Acxiom @MedicalQuack Hi Barbara, important to note this type of data from Acxiom is used for marketing outreach only & NOT for medical purposes

MedicalQuack @Acxiom I understand it's not medical, I'm a former EMR developer myself and former query monster as I called myself

MedicalQuack @Acxiom I took the same stance as most others on the web, not enough to just look up data on file for self bit.ly/11X2LAN

MedicalQuack @Acxiom I understand it's the hospital with their determination that there's value but too many flaws and people won't get that

MedicalQuack @Acxiom This video says it better than anything "Context is Everything"-there's the danger bit.ly/wEAK4R

MedicalQuack @Acxiom The data files on myself with your company and others is flawed, but people take that as the gospel for decision making

MedicalQuack @Acxiom It's problem everywhere-Google even told me my "real name" was machine compliant-algorithm suspended me bit.ly/TJT73y

MedicalQuack @Acxiom When my data is bought and sold and requeried so many times I have no clue to the origins of the errors and can't fix it

MedicalQuack @Acxiom You're not the only data seller out there, banks, companies you name it and data bases get requeried and sold a lot

MedicalQuack @Acxiom When a consumer is "scored" based on data analytics-there's a new piece of data to sell about that consumerbit.ly/SWbIMq

MedicalQuack @Acxiom With doctors, look at the flawed data that is on the web about them, Healthgrades/Vitals-same thing bit.ly/1kaY2nb

Nobody except myself seems to want to mention the direct correlation with the data selling epidemic to inequality but you can read the link below and I spell it out there.  If there’s wasn’t all this money in it, there would not be a problem first of all.  Second of all insurers and others buy up all and any kind of data they can get a hold of.  Insurers are already buying your charge card records and are recording your voice on the phone at call centers to see what your current state is. 

Data Selling and the Direct Correlation To Accelerated Inequality - Epidemic Spreading Like A Virus Moving Money Keeping Corporations Cash Rich and Consumers Cash Poor

Again I come back to my campaign that would require a law to license all data distributors as well as have them disclose what “kind” of data they sell (profiles or personal data) and who they sell too as this would drag a ton of data sellers out from under the carpet where many of them hide, not all hide, but there are plenty that do.   How about this hospital that’s buying Acxiom data on their patients as well as Master Card data?  Sure they would love to add more and this is a sad case here of more data that is not going to create better care.  As a matter of fact care is declining in the US as pretty much the over sell on too much data is alive and well and people don’t know when to stop or when they have enough information to make an intelligent decision. 

In addition today a little bright spot out there with some Twitter chat with the CIO of the FCC agreeing with me (below) on the models too as far as calling “foul” on proprietary formulas where we have no clue if they are accurate or not.  It’s good to know someone else agrees with some of this in government for sure that we have a lot of broken software models that don’t work.  People don’t work like algorithms.   

fcc_cio Good question, will public press for more open data data & open algorithms so we can replicate their predictions? @MedicalQuack @BiIIDutton

fcc_cio Hopefully we can do more open data models & resolve broken models on how humans behave in economics, psychology,++ @MedicalQuack @BiIIDutton

Somebody Needs to Start Calling “Foul” On Proprietary Predictive Algorithms When They Cannot Be Replicated For Accuracy As This Accelerates Inequality and Promotes Even More Data Selling For Profit

So here’s the campaign for privacy and transparency if you can kick in a few bucks, that would be great as I’m a couple years into this already and I do update what I’m doing, did one one today.  Nothing will work until we do step one and that is to identify who we want to regulate.  At the campaign link there are links that tell you both about insurers buying your credit card data and some real details about how they record and analyze your voice at their call centers, which becomes yet one more item about you that they could potentially sell. 

So yes, Senator Schumer is correct with his opinions here as it’s already occurring as the FTC found out, and they didn’t check everyone and we don’t’ know the extent of how they inquired or actually got proof either. 

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) issued a statement Sunday calling for federal protections against the sharing of personal data by makers of wearable fitness trackers.

Schumer wrote that he sees a potential “privacy nightmare” if companies like FitBit (and he calls that company out by name) are allowed to profit from selling user biometrics data to third party data brokers like Acxiom.

He also worries that the data could even be shared with insurers, mortgage lenders, or employers.

Schumer is calling for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to require wearables manufacturers to tell consumers if their personal information is being shared with third parties, and give them a chance to opt out.



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