We found therapeutic value with the “Ice Bucket”.  This is good and they also kept straight faces through all ofimage this, but in fact it works!  Dr.  Mike starts out talking about how a person could help themselves when experiencing a racing heartbeat, or palpitations. 

The most common he states is “PAT” to where the heartbeat is racing.  It is not considered life threatening and can be triggered by a number of things and can include annoying symptoms.  Dr. Mike goes through and demonstrates things we can do to stop the racing heart and bring the heart back to a normal rhythm.

Now we have a new solution demonstrated here which is the “Ice Bucket” methodology that can be used as another alternative.

The man’s heartbeat is racing and the staff comes forward to apply the new treatment:)

He feels much better after the “Ice Bucket” treatment and the results are confirmed both by a human and the Alive-Cor cell phone app, so we have double the proof that the “Ice Bucket” methodology can work.  I just wrote about the recent FDA approval of the cell phone app as well, links below.  Before it was FDA approved, I told a veterinarian in the OC  about the app and device as well when I had taken my dog in for a visit over a year ago.  You can see the readings in the video below. 

AliveCor Receives FDA Approval For Patients To Use the Heart Monitor Smart Phone App and Device To Detect Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) And Alert Their Doctors
FDA Finally Approves AliveCor Iphone Enabled Heart Monitor, Now and the Cat and Dogs Have to Share the Technology With Us
While Waiting for FDA Approval for an IPhone ECG Company Launches Popular Veterinary Version–Cats and Dogs Get Heart Attacks Diagnosed

This method may not always be the most convenient for relief though and you need someone to “man” the bucket:)  Good show. 

You may remember Dr. Mike from last year when he worked for years in his spare time to produce a “Grammy” winner with Omar Akram for best New Age Album of the year and guess what music you hear in his waiting room.  Here’s a short clip from his acceptance speech as I think it it something we all need to think about again today as we live in a world with too many folks confusing “virtual” and “real” world values at times. 

“Sixteen years ago, a friend of mine came up to me and asked, ‘How are your investments doing?’”
He then said, ‘Have you ever thoughtOmar3 of investing in a human being?’”.
“He subsequently introduced me to Omar; I was moved by his music and we have worked together ever since. I can go on and on but suffice it to say, if anyone is able to, I would encourage them to invest in a human being. What you will find is when you help someone else achieve their dreams, in some miraculous way you achieve your own dreams as well.”

I might add it might make a nice addition to tune in after using the new “Ice Bucket” methodologies shown above to chill the mind down as well.  BD 



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