e-MDs is one of the very first pioneers in the electronic medical records business.  I know this because I was as well but I made the other decision to consult instead.   e-MDs is for doctors, created by doctors and is located in Austin, imageTexas. 

Below is a recent video with a physician talking about using e-MDs and the work flow that works for them.  The client has been using e-MDs since 2007 and received several awards.  They are also using practice management in coordination with the EMR.   Satisfaction runs high he states.

He’s met Dr. Winn as well and talks about how the programming team works with them and he Dr. Bender states he he needs the assurance that he in fact has chosen the “right” electronic medical records system.

The company is involved with “road shows” to where they travel to the locations of the “busy doctors” today.  In 2014 their medical records system ranked 5th overall with the Medscape report.  You can also visit the e-MDs website to read more and read about the various specialties they serve. 

To watch an online demonstration of the e-MDs medical records system, follow this link to learn more.  As a patient visiting a clinic using e-MDs, and we’re talking the old clipboard we all hate, the company partners with Phreesia so if the practice is using the tablets, you get to enter your data once.  I’ve seen them in action and the tablets work well. 

e-MDs Medical Records and Phreesia Announce Partnership, Making Data Entry Easier for Patients, Doctors And Collects the Co-Pay

About 3 years ago the company invited me to speak at their annual meeting in Austin and that really nice as I was able to talk to doctors all across the country and learn more about how how regulations, patients, type of care, etc. works in different states as well as how they use e-MDs medical records system.  One memory that won’t leave me was the practice that had doctors working 8 to 8 and seeing 100 patients each every day as they were in an area where their clinic didn’t have a lot of of competition.  They were there learning everything they could on how to be more efficient for sure. 

e-MDs Annual Meeting - Social Networking In Healthcare Presented By the Medical Quack

If you are looking for a new certified medical records system or to replace one you have take a look at e-MDs. 

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