Well if this doesn’t beat all and really how much can the Union really do other than voice concerns, imagewhich they are entitled to do by all means.  Sure it got the attention of some California lawmakers but if they don’t do it in public they can still contact the lawmakers without a public display. 

Prime Healthcare Bids for daughters of Charity Hospitals in California Chain in California, While Two Former Employees File Suit Against the Company in Kansas Who Were Laid Off Without Promised Severance Packages

The lawsuit is looking to find general damages related to “so called harm” caused by the unions.  Meanwhile Daughters of the Charity Healthcare System have no comment which is the wise thing to do here and Prime is one of 7 bidding to purchase the hospital system, so it’s not like they are the one and only.  What is Prime afraid of as it is buying up hospitals like crazy across the US? 

Hospitals Feeling The ACA Crunch In California As Financially Strapped daughters of Charity Health System Put Six Hospitals Up For Sale

Healthcare is just really getting “stupid” at times today, and I should be more specific and say the business of healthcare is what’s getting stupid.  BD 

On Monday, Prime Healthcare Services filed a lawsuit against employee unions for interfering in its bid to purchase a struggling not-for-profit health care system in California, Modern Healthcare reports (Kutscher, Modern Healthcare, 8/26).

Prime Healthcare Services is looking to buy the six-hospital Daughters of Charity Health System (Mack, California Healthline, 8/15).

The Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West and the California Nurses Association have voiced concerns about the bid, saying that such a purchase would reduce health care access for low-income patients and that Prime would cut health system workers' pay and benefits.



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