$360 million is still a good size dollar amount to pay out a lot of bonuses.  This was the compromised bill with the House and Senate after the House voted 426-0 to ban the bonuses.  You kind of wonder about the entire bonus deal here and maybe paying doctors some of that money who are underpaid in many areas anyway, could have been another idea?  One imagething for sure I bet there’s some additional auditing in place on bonuses next time around. 

If you look back this was part of the problem at the VA to where all were living in their stat rat world and not focusing on giving good care with nobody able to make a left turn to save a life.   So it appears things cooled down a bit from the original vote to suspend bonuses. 

VA Crisis Should Be A Huge Wake Up Call , We Have Turned Into a Nation of “Stat Rats”, Losing Touch With the “Real” World As Virtual Values Confuse, Collide and Wreak Havoc As Models & Formulas Fail

We have the White House as well stuck in the virtual world too and I knew the day I saw the selfie with Obama and Biden, well that kind of told me we’ve lost them too into being stuck in virtual values and living in “The Grays”.  You can read the link below if you want and it’s odd with quoting some predictive statistics that nobody can predict and sad to see this gilded and “suckered in “ perceptions all the way at the top. 

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

It’s called “quantitated justifications” for things not true and video #1 in my footer does a good job showing and explaining how we can all get duped, just “put a math formula in it” and people suck it all in.  BD 

A House-Senate agreement on how to reform the broken Department of Veterans Affairs will let the VA hand out up to $360 million in bonuses to its employees each year, even though the House voted just weeks ago to strip all VA bonuses through 2016.

The compromise bill announced Monday by the chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees says VA bonuses will be capped at $360 million annually for the next ten years. But that cap is just 10 percent below the $400 million in bonuses the VA has distributed in recent fiscal years, and will allow up to $3.6 billion in bonuses to be awarded over the next decade.

“In each of fiscal years 2015 through 2024, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall ensure that the aggregate amount of awards and bonuses paid by the Secretary in a fiscal year… does not exceed $360,000,000,” the bill says.

A description of the bill adds that members expect the VA to implement this cap in a way that does not “disproportionately impact lower-wage employees,” although the legislation itself does not include any restriction on how to award the money.

The bill stripping VA bonuses was so popular, the House held the vote again because some members missed the vote — members approved it later the same day 426-0.

The House-Senate agreement includes Senate-passed language that says senior officials can be fired or demoted, but also gives these officials access to an appeal process. Specifically, the final agreement gives officials seven days to appeal firings or demotions to the Merit Systems Protection Board, which much decide these cases within 21 days.



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