I’m sorry I had to laugh at this article as some of the very same problem companies think they can fix healthcare.  First off, look at Aetna, who now wants to get out of their agreed reimbursement of doctors based on the AMA settlement from a few years back. image They just want to cheat and get out of paying money and there’s more out there of course but that was the first thing that came to mind and since Blue Cross is in here too, here’s a link with a lot of information on that billing fraud and the lawsuits and the former Ingenix buddies are right in there.  Ok so these folks can repair healthcare?

Ingenix (Optum-United Healthcare) Lawsuits Still Bouncing Around Out There–One Recently Settled in New Jersey With Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield That Was Still Using the Flawed and Corrupt Data Base for Out of Network Payment Calculations

Bank of America…IT is business and they are a big software company anymore don’t need to say a lot more there but just visit the Killer Algorithms page for videos from folks smarter than me on that topic.  McKinsey, the CEO factory company, if you read the book to where sometimes the company pays people millions to be friends with CEOs if they have none or want to put a coach in their circle.  Walgreens and Verizon cashing in big time selling your consumer data, Walgreen about 1-2 Billion with a B every year. 

Johnson and Johnson, tons of recalls and lawsuits, anyone want a metal hip or a mesh right about now.  I’m sorry I had a hard time keeping a straight face here and probably the only one who’s really a good guy and doesn’t even below with the group is NantHealth CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD.  I think he’s really trying to make a difference. 

What a joke with these companies as they have all done their parts to make profits as the expense of good healthcare.  I fear all that’s going to come out of this group are maybe exploring more ways to profit.   They are not saying anything new hear with the exception of tying folks to devices and functioning in a way they would never do themselves.   It was said the other day by Goldman that once a level of wealth is reached, those people become immune to consumer laws and rules and that’s what this whole bunch is, so no help here at all. 

So if this doesn’t work, let’s do another X-Prize farce like WellPoint did…probably about what will come out of this.  BD

X PRIZE FOUNDATION - Build a Better Health Care System 10 Million Dollar Prize

Chief executives of several major U.S. corporations came together under the auspice of the Bipartisan Policy Center to work toward the betterment of health and wellness of individual and communities, as well as the overall U.S. healthcare system itself.

“Improving the health of the nation, and the quality and cost of health care, is imperative if the United States is to compete in the global marketplace,” the CEO Council wrote in BPC’s report from the meeting.
“The history of U.S. business is steeped in innovation, ingenuity, insight, and leadership.”

To that end, the resulting report, "Building Better Health: Innovative Strategies from America’s Business Leaders," outlined ways companies are trying to improve health and well-being as well as the quality, cost, and patient experience of care.

BPC CEO Council members include Aetna head Mark Bertolini, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield CEO Scott Serota, Coca-Cola chief Muhtar Kent, Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, McKinsey & Company managing director Dominic Barton, NantHealth CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam and Walgreeen chief Gregory Wasson.



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