This appears from what I have read to all be internal theft problems, in other words not hackers, insiders stealing records.image  This takes me back to the game called “Data Dealer” where fictitious nurse Mildred wants to earn some extra cash but in this case it’s real. 

Valesco a staffing agency might be the source here of the problems with screening?  It’s hard to say but they sent the letter to patients so it kind of looks that way. 

These are good sized breaches as well and ones to take seriously.  The last breaches were back to back. 

The report was made to HHS and the data was used to file tax returns for some of the patients.  The Feds are now involved with investigating the case.  BD 

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For the third time in two years, U.S. Health and Human Services records show Aventura Hospital and Medical Center has reported a data breach.

What is more, the start date the latest data breach is exactly one day after a former data breach ended that impacted 2,560 individuals.

There was also a report impacting 948 people from Oct. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2012.

A company called Valesco Ventures sent a letter to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center patients about the most recent case of identify theft.

Valesco "provides hospital staffing and ancillary services" according to the letter dated Sept. 9, 2014.

According to Valesco manager Terry Meadows, M.D., the company was told last May "an employee may have improperly accessed the personal identifying information of a number of patients of Aventura Hospital."


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