Here we go once again with more lack of privacy and the last portion of this story states it was a “glitch” that did not allow customers to receive the “opt out” opportunity.  So here we go again, algorithms that were not programmed properly.  The FCC levied this fine and one might wonder how much more of this is out there.  This is where we need some transparency to know who data sellers are and what kind of data they sell.  I remember a while back I got my opt out opportunity and that’s what I did. 

Transparency And Privacy Campaign - Need to License All Who Sell Data So We Know Who They Are - Why All Privacy Laws have Failed, We Have No Index…Please Help..

This just keeps happening and people are in the total dark.  With licensing we would know who they are and what they sell and that can be extremely helpful as more data reported about you today becomes flawed as you get flipped several times.  It is so profitable that SAP wanted to come in and broker some of the Verizon data. 

Data Selling Grows A Bit More Today With Verizon Wanting to Monitor Both Your Mobile and Home Computer Tracks - We Knew This Was Coming As SAP Wanted Some of This Action to Further Define Targets and Broker It…

The company also runs a cash for code area with occasional contests, write for our platform but developers can barely pay any rent and need a full day job to think about participating.  To the right is my little campaign to just simply get a law to index all data sellers so we know who they are and what they sell.  It’s a lot and companies make billions doing it.  BD

Verizon Latest to Enter “Code for Cash” Prize Format With $1 Million Top Pay Out for Writing Healthcare Apps That Use Their Platform, Is This the New “Corporate Business Model” To Yield Inexpensive Code?

Verizon has agreed to pay a $7.4 million penalty after the company failed to tell 2 million customers they could opt out of having their personal information used for marketing purposes, according to federal regulators.

The fine is the largest ever levied by the Federal Communications Commission on a phone company over a privacy misstep. The FCC is also requiring that Verizon notify customers about their ability to opt out of marketing on every single bill they receive.

"It is plainly unacceptable for any phone company to use its customers’ personal information for thousands of marketing campaigns without even giving them the choice to opt out,” said Travis LeBlanc, the acting chief of the FCC's enforcement bureau.


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