There’s a new toolkit in which the intended audience is to assist with both information and marketing tools various groups in healthcare, from hospitals, drug stores and more.  For those entities wanting promotional material and information this makes a good showing. image I have always said the Blue Button is like the best kept secret for seniors.  It’s better known with the VA as there’s a varied age group there and more have advanced internet and computer skills.  They use those skills in the military; however with seniors it’s a little different.  I’ve done a few presentations for seniors and hands down each time, about 99% have no clue what the Blue Button is. 

Blue Button Tool Kit - Support for Organizations to Promote the Blue Button

Point in case is that seniors are not always going to jump to the internet and find all the resources they may need and want.  Seniors need someone in person to get the drive going and once they see it, there’s immediate interest to learn how to download their records and learn more about what kind of information they can receive with their Medicare records.

There’s a nice drop down menu to make your selections to put you into the area of marketing and additional information that would be applicable to the appropriate organization. 

Again, all you need is people so this is nice start with materials needed to help humans help other humans.  Website looks nice as there’s been quite a bit of work done here. 

In addition there’s another website and this is to help both consumers and any healthcare entity.  This is called the Blue Button Connector and the intended crowd here is pretty much anyone.  It goes imagethrough with drop down menus where you can get an idea of what insurers, labs, pharmacies  and a few others have available for you in the way of being able to get, view or download your records.  You can see on each filter what’s available and just looking at a few of the menu items, there’s quite a few that could use some additional Blue Button Promotions on their websites I think. 

Blue Button Connector Web Site

In addition there are various apps listed that have been created that make it easier to use the Blue Button that are either free or available at a low cost. 

Blue Button Mobile and Other Apps

If you are a developer there’s additional information at a couple different pages, one is called the Blue Button Plus page.  If you are not a developer you can skip these link as this is where it gets technical:) 

Blue Button Plus Site for Developers

In addition the Blue Button Connector has resources for developers.

Blue Button Connector Developer Resources

I took a short minute to go to Github to look at a few code samples and I didn’t spent a lot of time there but did look at some of the app code loaded and it’s a great start for the libraries. 

Again, all we need is people here for the seniors to give them a hand.  It’s interesting when I have given presentations, you may have all levels of technology in the crowd but again 99% when I ask if they have ever heard of the Blue Button say “what’s that”.  So there’s enough said on the extra human outreach that is needed for seniors, other than directing them to buy a dummied down marketing AARP tablet.  Seniors want to use the same computers and tablets we do and I guess time will tell if it becomes a tool or not.  BD 


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