He stated we have right to be worried and to be concerned and the companies should be very transparent.  He says it’s going to be a very key topic and of course it’s been a key topic at the Medical Quack for 3 years and counting now as I predicted all this, just following the data and money, and thinking like jerk programmer would do.  I wrote earlier that this is a good time to really look at getting a law to license data sellers, as how do you know who they are? 

Apple Updates HealthKit Privacy Policies–Could Be A Good Time to Also Embrace Support For the Government to License All Data Sellers, Apple Will Be Conducting “Due Diligence” With Those Writing Apps For the Platform As Part of Their Business

The video below is a clip of the Charlie Rose interview part 2, where he talks about privacy.  He states that Apple’s business is not collecting data but rather about selling hardware and software.   Before the event it was on the web that Apple was talking to insurers and oh boy that’s the last thing we want there with any collaboration there with writing any kind of code or software.   Everyone agrees on that one as we are living with their data quantitated models that are not working anymore with insurers, same problem hedge funds are having today with not being able to create a model to return desired profits. 

Apple In Talks With Insurers Now Relative to Healthkit? If So We’re Going The Other Way As Consumers Are Waking Up to the US Data Selling Epidemic Along With Profit Making Algorithms That Generate “Secret Consumer Scores” That Benefit Corporations - A Big Factor With Inequality Acceleration

After the Healthkit information and the watch, we kind of all know that people don’t work that way and look how long it took tablets to catch on, long time as I was a tablet user from way back but it was the Ipad Model that had everything take off.  So there you go with models and the watch may or may not do it and time will tell but for gosh sakes I hope quantitated selves can at least put a partial gag on themselves realize we are not all like them:)  It was said too at the big Stanford MedX meeting too that wellness does not depend on apps and wearables and that it more or less caters to curiosity which I feel is a very true statement. 

So yes it’s time for another little pretty please to help me out with my project of working on Congress (click on picture above)  to pass a law that will require all data sellers to buy a license and disclose to consumers what kind of data they sell and to who, it won’t stop it.  With all the repackaging of data going on today, the flaws are growing and this is dangers and now the internet is giving people a “flawed diagnosis” and you can’t trace it back once you have been flipped a few times and someone’s going to believe that data is truthful, all for the sake of banks and companies making billions selling data, i.e. Walgreens makes 1-2 billion a year selling data and that’s just one company so add in banks, credit cards and billions are flowing to their profit lines while we are stuck with no way to even monitor or fix the flawed data that gets the same price as good data.  We’re screwed and dignity is removed with data selling epidemic.    More about that at the link below.  BD 

Data Brokers Are Now Diagnosing Consumers With Diabetes And Other Chronic Conditions–”Over Rated And Broken Predictive Behavioral Math Models” Providing a Diagnosis That Should Always Be Documented From Your Doctor, Not From The Web


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