Here we go again with no progress here with awareness or with technology sources gathering identifying data as that’s all the data does is identify.  No text messages on smart phones, insurers buying credit card data, etc. is working here.  Instead the key elements to helping the obesity problem, doctors are bashed beyond belief on the internet day in and day out.  So big business should maybe take a look at what they are doing as it doesn’t work.

“The Secret Scoring of America’s Physicians” - Algorithmic Math Models For Insurance Network Contractual Exclusions, Relating to MDs Who See Medicare Advantage Patients..

In addition, the message is clear when you want to look at role models too, we have some over weight folks in Congress and it’s totally OK for them to be overweight or obese so no role models there at all.  Congress has other problems as we all know so add fatties to their list for some that serve us, or maybe I should say “try to serve” us.

I just read about a Blue Cross Blue Shield program that wants to address this in Michigan with kids using social media.  Wrong answer with creating videos about their favorite exercises  and writing essays as this again puts the kids right in front of the computer so what are they doing here?  We all know about the connection with obesity and diabetes 2 by now and the impact it has.  Sports stars don’t do much here either, although it sounds good, we really don’t have any experts anymore so while it makes for a nice item for kids to meet the pros, it’s easier for them to go back on line into a virtual world and “be one of them” online as that’s where you can be anyone you like.

We have all by now maybe heard of the infamous Blue Cross credit card data they buy to “monitor what size clothes people are buying” and that just makes people mad and they lose their dignity with such monitoring and besides how hard is it to identify one who is obese, I think visuals make that pretty easy and we don’t need data to see who’s fat.  Instead we get all kinds of maps showing where fat people live.  I saw something the other day where Austin mad up maps where fat kids are, so what do I do with that I asked?  What would someone do with that in Austin?  The schools are in a position, who see the children every day to have an impact and not a heat map of fatties? 

Insurance Companies Are Buying Up Consumer Spending Data-Time is Here to License and Tax the Data Sellers-As Insurers Sell Tons of Data, Gets Flawed Data When Data Buyers Uses Out of Context Too

We come back to people helping people and no number of Fitbits, software, etc. is a fix here but rather people helping people.  Again what role models do kids have?  They can go open up a game and be that role model online so what’s accomplished?  It’s just one more item from the virtual world that messes with the real world and nothing changes.  Virtual values do come into the real world and create havoc and I don’t know if folks have accepted this or not, but it does.

I guess we are going to have to do better and figure out how people work as we’re not algorithms, that’s for sure with any level of constant predictability.  Even Google is doing a study as they don’t know how we work after hiring thousands of humans:)

“People Don’t Work That Way” A World of Broken Software Models That Don’t Align To the Human Side,Too Much Push At Times With Only A Proof of Concept That Fails in the Real World..

So other than logging information which has been around forever so we can see progress, we are back to square one here.  BD

(Reuters) - Rates of adult obesity increased in six U.S. states and fell in none last year, and in more states than ever - 20 - at least 30 percent of adults are obese, according to an analysis released on Thursday.

The conclusions were reported by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and were based on federal government data. They suggest the problem may be worsening despite widespread publicity about the nation's obesity epidemic, from First Lady Michelle Obama and many others, plus countless programs to address it.


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