Here’s yet another abrupt closure and a hospital in Texas just went through the same thing recently.  As you can read Toshiba imagecalled in a note on their MRI and there was no money left.

Nurses, doctors, and other staff stood in the street protesting.  The hospital closed Friday and they were told they could come back Monday and get their belongings and don’t know when they will get paid yet.  BD 

BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- With the doors of Southwest Regional Medical Center closed, many of the employees of the Brown County hospital took to the streets. They want people in their community to know how unfairly they're being treated and how the shutdown late Friday could have a bearing on the safety of the entire community.

The employees got a raw deal and some say the whole situation smells pretty funny. Hospital officials said they were surprised when a creditor, really Toshiba, called in a debt that had been on the books since the hospital bought an MRI machine in 2008. Demanding payment, the creditor laid claim in court to a hospital bank account and suddenly there was no money to make payroll on payday and the hospital doors slammed shut. Nurses, doctors, tech's and other staffers lined the street in front of their hospital. The signs said it all, they love their community, but they also want to be paid.


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